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RV016, RV042, RV082 Hardware V3 Firmware Update

Firmware version is now available in the Cisco Download Center.

Note: This firmware version will only work with the newly released RV042, RV082, and RV016 Version 3 hardware. It is not backward compatible with previous hardware versions. 

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I'm a beginner in routers and bought  a new RV016 to connect to internet several ADSL connections. The router has the FW version (should be RV016_v3.0.0.19tm_090216_code.rmt) and downloaded the latest version RV0XX-v4.0.0.07-tm-20100819-code.bin. Using the management console I try to upgrade the FW but after some seconds the connection is lost and when you reconnect it has the old version. I guess may be it has something to do with file extension. The new version has the extension "bin". What could be the reason? Many thanks for your help. (What is 3 Hardware?)



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If the router that you have has the firmware version that means that you do not have the version 3. The version 3 of RV devices come with That is why you are not able to update to the latest because for the version you have you are already on the latest firmware version. Hardware version 3 it will have a v03 on the PID sticker on the bottom of the device.

Thanks hope this has been helpful


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Here is the question of the day that I hope someone can answer!  I need to purchase a new RV016 but is there anywhere that I can order that is not going to ship me the older v2 like Newegg just did?  Any ideas appreciated.  Gary

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By now I would think that most vemdors have the V3 hardware in stock. If you know the vendor you could just ask if they have any RV016's in stock that are not V3 hardware. It will be notated on the sticker on the bottom of the unit.


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