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RV042 problem to connect to internet

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Hi, I have a problem setting up a RV042 router to connect my LAN to intervet via DSL.

My internet connection with static IP adress works fine with a Linksys AG241 ( in RFC1483 Routed mode. I have e new RV042 ( in order to setup a VPN to give remote acces to our LAN to remote users.

I setup all IP information in RV042 (public adress + gateway+ DNS provided by my ISP, ie the same I use in the AG241) and put the AG241 in Bridge mode only in order to have the RV042 as default gateway for my LAN (ie instead of

In summuary setup page of RV042 ethernet port 1 connected to LAN is green. Internet 1 port connected to AG241 ethernet port is green. Traffic information in both ports is generated. But it is impossible to ping any public adress from diagnostic page in RV042. From the LAN all ping to WAN adress fail or tracert remain in (RV042 adress). It seems RV042 doesn't route to the WAN.

Deas any body have solution to this problem.

I join a draft to show all connections

Many thanks.

Community Member

Verify that the default gateway is in the same subnet as the WAN IP.  If it is,

set the LAN IP of the router back to the default IP of  That should solve your problem.

Community Member

Thanks for the repsonse. But I don't understand.

The default gateway of the WAN IP ( is a public adress. How con I set this adress as default gateway on my LAN PC ???

If I set the LAN IP of the RV042 back to It will be in a different subnet of my LAN and could not be see by the LAN ?

Theses ara the setup of the differents devices on my network:



Subnet mask

Default gateway (ie the RV042 router LAN port)




subnet mask

There is no option to setup a default gateway in LAN setting for RV042




Subnet mask




The AG241 I use in bridge mode only has:


subnet mask

When I put it in bridge mode only the status of gateway is Down and I don't know if it is correct.

When it is in RFC 1483 Routed mode the gateway status is UP.