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SA500 Maintenance Release 4 Release Candidate 1


Our engineering team has been busy addressing a number of issues and is ready for early adopters to try our next release via a “Release Candidate” firmware image.  Release Candidate quality means that is has gone through Cisco’s rigorous internal testing, but there might be a few new issues that surface in real world deployments.  Partners who have SA500 in lab environments are encouraged to participate.


The Release Candidate firmware has resolved some important defects and also enhances the capabilities of the SA500 Security Appliance. Partners who have a device experiencing these issues are encouraged to participate in this program.

Some issues that have been fixed in this release include:

        CSCtg61468 - With 1-to-1 NAT, packets going from LAN to WAN has the source address as the primary WAN IP address instead of the WAN IP alias IP address.

        CSCth19415 - SIP option request being blocked by the SA500.

        CSCtk63514 - IPSec VPN rollover takes too long for WAN failover using Dynamic DNS.

        CSCtn87362 - When a site-to-site tunnel is established between a SA500 and UC560, calls drop intermittently and at random.

        CSCto15189 - When a UC560 is behind an SA500 with port forwarding enabled, all inbound calls are rejected by the UC560 and a SIP 400 error occurs

        CSCtj85631 - Firmware upgrade erases the parameters on the Administration > Domain Configuration page.

Enhancements have been included in this release

        CSCtk59442 - Approved URL List is increased to 250.

        CSCtn14541 - When using the Cisco VPN client, the SA500 should support all tunneling options.

The entire list of resolved defects can be found in the SA500 MR4 RC1 Release Note.


To participate in the evaluation of the SA500 MR4 Release Candidate firmware, please send an e-mail to and include your User ID in the subject line of the email.  When the Release Candidate firmware is available, participants will receive an e-mail with instructions for downloading the new firmware.

Any problems found with the Release Candidate firmware should be reported immediately to Cisco Small Business Support and any feedback should be sent to alias. When calling the Small Business Support please indicate that you are a Release Candidate participant and specify the firmware version found on the SA500 Configuration Utility screen