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SG-300 28P switches problem with VLAN Data and Voice, working all the time as Voice VLAN

Hi Everyone,

Thank you very much for your help in advance. I’m pulling my hair to fix the problem.

I just got the new SG-300 28P switches. My Bios ordered for me. I did not know how it runs until now... not an IOS based. I really do not know how to configure it.

I have 2 VLAN are Data and Voice.

-          Data VLAN ID is 2 IP 192.168.2.X/

-          Voice VLAN ID is 200 IP 192.168.22.X/

-          ----------------------------------------------------------------------

-          I created two vlans, in switch, Data and Voice.

-          On the port number 28, it is trunk by default, so I add Data vlan ID 2 tagged.

-          On the port number 26, it is trunk by default, so I add Voice vlan ID 200 tagged.

-          On the port number 27, I add Data vlan ID 2 tagged for Data vlan out.

-          Port settings No.1

I set it up as Trunk with Data vlan 2 untagged, and  200 Tagged (voice vlan). I plugged in a phone with a pc attached. But the PC will get to the vlan 200 to get the DHCP address, but no from vlan 2. The Phone works with correct vlan ip.

-          Port settings No.2

Trunk with vlan 1UP, 2T, and 200T. The phone is even worse. Would never pick up any IP from DHCP.

-          Port settings No.3

Access with 200U...of course the phone will work... and the PC could not get to its own vlan. Instead, the PC got an ip from the voice vlan. Not from VLAN 2.

I have Linksys phone I’m not sure if this help.

For more information I setup in switch,

            - enable voice vlan

- set the port on auto voice vlan

- enable LLDP-MED globally

- create a network policy to assign VLAN 200

- assign this network policy to the port the phone is connected to.

I hope this information help to help me to setup Data and Voice vlans, to plug the phone to work with vlan Voice 200 (IP rang 192.168.22.X), from phone to Pc and pc work as Data vlan 2 (IP rang 192.168.2.X).

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New Member

Hi John,

I'm trying to move ports into a voice vlan on a SG 300 28 port poe switch. I'm having a data vlan which is native one and having another data vlan also. The problem is I want to move all the ports into voice vlan , wen I do tat only native vlan ports r getting moved into voice vlan. As I mentioned I have one more data vlan which is not the native one, those ports r not getting moved into voice vlan.

please guide me. I'm not an expert in voice.



Cisco Employee

HI VickiJohn,

You've added your question to the Document Forum. This is for published documents only (not questions). Please navigate to [] and click "Create Discussion" on the right side and post your question there.



Glenn Martin