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SPA122 Does not save Dial String

We are using a SPA122 ATA in the lobby of a police station for people to pick up the phone and it automatically dials the 911 dispatcher.  We are using the following dial string:




This works fine, but the ATA does not keep this string when it is rebooted or power-cycled.  It keeps all of the rest of its configuration.


Is there something else I need to do to save the configuration?  I could not find anything.


Thank you,


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Well, there is no way to change the configuration a non-persistent way.

The dial plan you mentioned above is incorrect - the second char should be ZERO not letter O and string needs to be enclosed in () - e.g. correct dial plan is: (S0<:5200>)

Assuming that:

  1. you have correct dial plan as I recommended above
  2. you have latest firmware (especialy you have no shipping firware as it is very buggy)
  3. phone is not subject of remote provisioning (remote configuration may overwrite local changes)

it just should work.

Turn on remote syslog&debug and catch it if still not work.