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SPA232D & SPA302D: From Getting Started to Advanced Call Routing Scenarios

This document is a must-read for all SPA232D installers, administrators, and users. The document takes you from unboxing the SPA232D ATA and SPA302D DECT handsets, through DECT handset registration, and connecting to the PSTN and ITSP.

The document describes call routing examples using the 5 gateways gw0, gw1, gw2, gw3, and gw4 that were inherited from the SPA3102. The gateway configuration scenarios include routing calls via the PSTN or ITSPs depending on the dialed number. Dial plans are covered in depth with examples and screen shots of the web-UI.

Wanting to deploy as a way to access the SPA232D via the Internet and then make a call out of the PSTN with local caller ID? This document includes this scenario too.

Note: The document is intended to be viewed with a PDF viewer because it includes links to many resources including quick start, user, and admin guides, and application notes. The links do not work in the preview version you see below here so download the doc and enjoy....