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SPA3102- How to set up call forwarding.

Our set up works this way:

My wife in USA calls the house here in the Philippines(spa3102 location) and after 4 rings she will get a dial tone and she will forward(without pin)  the call to where ever I am located.  This works perfect all the time.

Is this unit also capable of this set up?

From outside the town, I will call the house and after about 4 rings, I can forward the call to where ever my wife is in the USA.  This time I want to use a pin before I can forward to avoid paying for international calls that I did not authorize.

Please see attachments for the configuration of my spa3102 and let me know which one needs to be change.

If you need more screen shot for other options, just let me know.


Cisco Employee

Hi Sir,

Just one question.

When your wife calls you, does she dial to a PSTN or SIP Line?

When you will call to your number will you call to a PSTN or SIP Line?

With this questions i will be able to help properly.

*PLEASE on next posts use the Discussions area to post your questions, there you can attach your configurarion too.



Andrey Cassemiro.

Community Member

She dials the sip number, forward the call and I will receive the call in pstn line.

I will dial the pstn number and forward the call using the sip line. Is this possible?

Community Member

I got it working now.