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Take a Tour of the OnPlus Portal

When you first log in to the portal, you are presented with the Partner Account Overview page as shown below:


  • Quick Links
    • Account. This menu allows you to update your own personal account details - your name, address, email and so on.
    • Support. The support menu provides access to the Cisco Small Business Support Community for the OnPlus Service, which is the primary support channel for the OnPlus Service.
    • Logout. Log out of the OnPlus Portal.
  • Main navigation bar. Provides links to all the different functions of the portal.  You will use this a lot.  See below for more detail on the functions available here.
  • Content Area. This area displays the information you are working with. When you first log in to the portal, the customer list is displayed here.
    • Customize. Many pages on the portal can be customized. Click this link to access customization options that apply to the content being displayed.
    • Paging controls. Use the paging controls to display more content, if needed.
  • Legend. As you navigate the portal, click this link to learn what the icons and colors mean.
  • Feedback. In particular, please note the feedback link here.  We ask that you make extensive use of this link, as your feedback is extremely important.

The Navigation Bar provides a series of menus and access to functions.  Currently this includes:

  • Overview. The Overview page is what you see displayed when you log in to the portal.  This provide access to the system dashboard that lists each customer record you have defined along with some status information. Select a customer and click the tab at the bottom of the entry to open or close a drawer that displays the logo, email address, and location (Google map) for the selected customer. Click on a highlighted customer record to go to the customer dashboard to monitor and manage the customer’s network (see the next section).
  • Notifications. Allows you to manage delivery rules and contacts. These settings control who receives the alerts generated by the system and how.
  • Reports. Provides options to create, view, and schedule the generation of reports by the system.
  • Agents. This menu allows you to provide access to the portal for your staff members, allowing them to log on to the portal and manage your customer records.
  • Cisco. Upload and manage Cisco product firmware for your customers. You can also view Cisco product support information such as service contracts, warranties, security bulletins (PSIRTs), and hardware or software end-of-life, end-of-support, and end-of-sale notices for Cisco products that you manage for your customers.

Customer Dashboard

The Customer Dashboard area provides information about a specific customer, network, and devices. There are two main views:

  • Topology. Displays the network topology with a To-Do list as well as indicators to show devices needing attention.  The topology diagram can be automatically generated, or updated manually.  Mouse over a device icon and click [ i ]  to drill down and see more information and take action on that device.  The topology view is the default view displayed when opening the customer record.
  • Device Listing. The dashboard provides an alternative view of the network in a list format.  The dashboard provides similar information to the topology view and allows the user to drill down into devices to manage them, but the dashboard view allows the user to sort and filter the list to more easily find a specific device.  Optionally, the dashboard view can be set as the default view displayed when opening a customer record.


The top-level navigation bar in the Customer Dashboard view provides a different set of functions:

  • Status. The Status page shows the state of the customer record and the associated OnPlus Network Agent, and whether the device has been successfully activated or not.

    If the OnPlus Network Agent is awaiting activation, the activation details are displayed here.
  • Apps. This page allows integration with third party RMM systems such as ConnectWise and Autotask, as well as other OnPlus Applications.
  • Events. This page provides a history of all activity and events that impact the network.
  • Profile. This menu provides access to the customer Profile page, where you can edit the customer name, time zone and picture to be updated.

    You can also delete, suspend, and resume this customer from this page.

    This  customer profile page also displays the login credentials for the customer’s OnPlus Network Agent, as well as activation details in case the appliance needs to be replaced or reactivated for any reason.

    Choose Profile > Maintenance to set the time window during which maintenance tasks such as automatic firmware updates for the OnPlus Network Agent or device configuration backups are performed.