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Touch Screen Tasks on the Cisco TelePresence System EX Series Endpoints

               Task                              Steps to Complete

Wake up the system

Tap the touch screen.

Place a call

Tap the Dialpad softkey. To use keyboard mode, tap the abc softkey; to use the numeric keypad, tap the 123 softkey.  To enter digits and special characters, press and hold the applicable digit or character key until the character appears. Tap the green Call softkey to place the call.

Receive or reject a call

Tap the Accept softkey. To reject the call, tap the Reject softkey.

Place a call while in a call

Tap the Add softkey. The list of recent calls displays.  Tap an entry in the list and the green Call softkey to call the selected entry.

Use the directory to place a call

Tap the Directory softkey; then, scroll up and down to find the entry or begin typing in characters to narrow the search.

Switch between two calls

Tap the softkey for the party that you want to communicate with; then, tap the Swap softkey.  The other party is put on hold.

Display a list of recent calls

Tap the History softkey.

Share a presentation while in a call

Tap the Presentation softkey.  After the green Present button displays, press the Present softkey.  To stop presentation sharing, tap the blue Stop Presenting softkey.

Adjust the self view image

To invoke the self view display, tap More > Selfview.  To adjust the self view focus, tap More > Camera Control > Focus.  To stop the self view display, tap More > Selfview.

Zoom the camera in and out

Tap More > Camera Control > Zoom + and Zoom .

Put a call on hold

Tap the Hold softkey and then the Dialpad, My contacts, Phone book, or Recent calls softkeys to call another user.

Change the call rate setting

Tap the Call Rate Default softkey. Make changes before you place a call.

Mute the ringtone

Toggle between the Available and Do not disturb softkeys.

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