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Transitioning from onplusbeta to cisco-onplus

Cisco OnPlus Market Trial / Beta Partners who have accounts on the Beta portal ( have the option of creating a new Partner Account on the production portal ( They can then use previously deployed ON100 Network Agents to transition customers on the Beta portal to the production portal.

The following support policies apply to the Cisco OnPlus Beta and Production sites:

  • is the Beta portal for OnPlus Partners. Partners who choose to participate in using this site do so with the understanding that this is not the production service, and that the level of support is best effort. Users of the Beta portal will have an opportunity to preview new features in OnPlus and provide feedback.
  • is the production portal for OnPlus. This is the official service supported by Cisco. Any partner that is using OnPlus in a managed service should be using the production portal. The original prototype appliances used for Beta, the PLG1000s, are not supported on the production portal. Only the ON100-K9 appliances are supported. 

The following requirements and limitations apply when transitioning from the Beta portal to the production portal:

  • Partner Account data, settings, and Customer data are not migrated. You must sign up and create a new Partner Account, add accounts for the customers you wish to transition, and re-activate each customer's ON100 Network Agent with the production portal.You can, however, use the same login when creating your Partner Account on the production portal.

  • The customer sites being transitioned must have ON100 Network Agent (ON100-K9) hardware. PLG1000 "plug" appliances provided to Beta users are not supported on the production portal.


  1. For each customer to be transitioned, reset their ON100 Network Agent to Factory Defaults.This removes all customer data and configuration from the ON100.

    You can do this remotely via the OnPlus portal by opening a Web connection to the ON100 Network Agent. Log in as admin and enter the password displayed on the Profile page for that customer.


    Once you are logged in to the customer's ON100 Network Agent, click the Maintenance link at the top of the page, then choose the Factory Reset option.


    If you have physical access to the ON100 Network Agent, you can press and hold in the RESET button on the back of the device for more than 12 seconds to initiate the factory reset.

    If you no longer need the customer account or any of the data associated with it, you can delete it. To delete a customer, select the customer, choose Profile > Profile from the customer Dashboard menu, and click the Delete option. When you delete a customer, all data is permanently removed from the OnPlus portal.

  2. Go to, click the Sign Up link, and follow the onscreen instructions to create a Partner Account. You should receive a Welcome email within a few minutes.
  3. Click the link in the Welcome email to go to and log in to the portal.
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  5. From the Partner Overview page, click + Add Customer and create a customer record for each of the customers you want to transition. The customer list will show that the customers are Awaiting Activation.
  6. Activate each customer's ON100 Network Agent as you normally would.

    Since the Web browser on the device being used to activate the ON100 must be on the customer LAN, you can go onsite to do the activation. Alternatively, if you have VPN or alternate access into the customer's site, use a tool such as VNC or RDP to a host at the customer's site that you want to use for the activation.

    See the ON100 Network Agent Quick Start Guide or Chapter 2 of the OnPlus Portal User Guide, "Getting Started with Cisco OnPlus," for detailed activation steps.

  7. After the initial discovery, re-enter device access credentials as needed and select drivers for unknown devices.
  8. Re-create any notification delivery rules and contacts, schedule reports, re-upload Cisco firmware, add applications, and re-create any other custom settings for devices or customers. See the Cisco OnPlus Portal User Guide for instructions.