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Upgrading an ATA [SPA2102/3102/PAP2T] Using a TFTP Server and an URL

In the event that you only have a device's firmware bin file, you can still upgrade the device. Here's how:

  1. Configure a TFTP server on your computer [there are many free TFTP servers available]
  2. Copy the binary file, for example spa2102-5-2-5.bin to the appropriate directory on the TFTP server
  3. Determine the IP address of the ATA [SPA2102, dial **** and then 110# for the IP address] [example:]
  4. Determine the IP address of the TFTP server: [example:]
    Windows: ipconfig /all
    UNIX: ifconfig -a
  5. Verify that you can access the device's web-ui by navigating to http://<IP_address_of_ATA>/
  6. Cause the ATA to pull the firmware from your TFTP server:
  7. Watch your TFTP server's log file to verify that the device successfully downloads the firmware
  8. Use the device's web-ui to view the firmware version and verify that it is running the updated version.


Community Member

Hi, sorry to ressurect an old topic, but what if I forgot the admin password. I think someone here changed it and probably moved on to work somewhere else and this particular deice has been sitting in storage for a few years. I tried the TFTP process but it did not work, it asks me for the admin password.


Thank you

VIP Blue

This is document dedicated to ATA upgrade.

Password recovery have little or no relationship to it. Please create new discussion for password recovery issue. By the way, it would be nice to mention the model of the device you are speaking of.


Community Member

Sorry about that, Dan, and thank you for your reply. I am trying to use a Linksys SPA2102. I managed to recover a Sunrocket-locked device we had, but this one in theory was a BYOD device and it was connected to RingCentral. When I try to upgrade firmware as in step 6, I am asked for the admin user and password. Using the upgrade software I get the same result, asks for user/password. Do I need to recover the password first and then upgrade?

VIP Blue
Do I need to recover the password first


Note device can be configured to reject password recovery attempts. It apply not only to restricted units - even standard unit can be configured this way. If configured properly you may be out of luck.