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Use the info bar on Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence

When you are on a video call, an info bar appears onscreen displaying the following information:

  • The duration of the video call.
  • The video address of the other video call participant. This can be either a single person or, for a conference, the device hosting the conference.
  • An icon indicating whether the video call is encrypted or not .

The info bar also contains the following icons:


Jabber Video does not support this feature (far-end

camera control).

Display the numeric keypad (see Use the keypad to enter numbers).
Display data traffic information (see View data traffic information).

Use the keypad to enter numbers

  1. Click on the info bar.
  2. Use the mouse to enter the number. This sends the corresponding DTMF tone.

If you mute the microphone, you may not be able to send DTMF tones.

View data traffic information

  • Click on the info bar. This opens a screen displaying information about incoming and outgoing data traffic for your Jabber Video video calls.
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