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WRP400: Saving a WRP400's Configuration

Ever wonder how you can send your WRP400's voice configuration to someone for analysis?

It's simple and is done in a few seconds.

You'll need:

  - Device's IP address

  - Computer with network access  to the device

  - Administration password for device [if set]

  - WAN access to the device's administration web server

Determining the WRP400's IP Address:

This part is somewhat tricky...

The easiest way to determine the device's IP address is to look at the DHCP server's lease table and locate the WRP400's MAC address.

Do not try using the regular analog phone and 110 or 210 code with the IVR... you will not retrieve the IP address this way.

[Careful, this will factory reset the device]

If desperate, reset the device with a 10-second push button reset. The device will default to

Save the WRP400's Configuration as Follows:

There are several distinct sections that can be saved separately. We're only interested in the Voice section viewed with admin rights.

Saving the Voice configuration of the WRP400:

1. Direct your browser to http://<IP_of_WRP400>/ > Voice tab

2. Click Admin Login

3. Use your browser's save page feature to write the device's entire Voice configuration to a single file:

      • IE: Page > Save As > Save as type Webpage, HTML only
      • FireFox: File > Save Page As > Save as type Web Page, complete

3. Name the file as follows: WRP400-Voice_date_time.html

Example: WRP400-Voice_Sep102009_17h34.html

Now you can send the HTML configuration file to someone in order to show them how you have configured the device.

Don't worry, they cannot access your device's passwords.