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40 internet simultaneous connections to one VC220 or VC240

Hello community friends,

I need a video solution for a kindergarten in order to parents can see throught internet their children in classrooms and playground activities. I'm thinking cameras offer five VC220 and one VC240-K9 cameras plus one NAS322. Internet parents from internet are about 40 simultaneous for each camera, therefore I guess I need a streamming server on the NAS or

something like this. Problem is that I'm not finding the configuration guides to set up the NAS as a streaming server and to receive the images from the six cameras. Also is necesary to configure adequate security for single parents can access only the camera images of their children.

Some idea??

Thanks a lot.


40 internet simultaneous connections to one VC220 or VC240

Hello Eduardo,

Thank you for posting. Since you have so many users that need to connect to the cameras, I would suggest setting up a web page that your users can log into and select a video feed from. An example is:

I'm not sure how exactly this is set up but I did find a site that offers some ideas:

If the kindergarten has a website the video streams could probably be added to that using a secure page that only the parents have access to.

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