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5 tough questions relating to the monitoring software

Hi guys,

I'm writing this on behalf of one of our partners. They are having major problems setting up the monitoring software (v 1.0.0_200809). I have asked them to verify that they are using the latest firmware upgrades on the cameras and that they are running the latest version of the monitoring software. They have confirmed that this is the case.

I have some doubts about this but perhaps you can help with the issues listed below.

The following issues have surfaced:


1. Issues with Graphic Card driver for Intel GMA945
- if this driver is installed in a laptop the monitoring software (1.0.0_200809) will not inititate/start.

The error message is: <or corrupted resource files.  Please reinstall to solve this problem.>

Reinstalling the software will unofortunately not solve the problem. The only way to fix this problem is by removing the driver.

Question: Is this the only way to get the monitoring software to work and is this a known issue?

2. The new version of the monitoring software is unable to find the cameras using "search" functionality. The only way to configure tha camera is to do it manually.

Question: Is this a known issue and how should I truobleshoot this?

3. The cameras will not store the video feed on the Cisco NAS servers if the monitoring software is shut down. I remember from previous discussions that this should be possible but my partner is unable to get this fixed.

Question: Are there any instructions for how to set up the cameras so that the video feed is still being stored on the NAS despite closing the monitoring software?

4. In order to setup an ftp -feed to the NAS server, each camera needs to be configured manually. According to the partner this can not be done centrally using the monitoring software.

Question: Is this really the case?

5. According to the partner, it is not possible to use the monitoring software to view stored material that has been transferred using ftp.

Question: Is this really the case?

Many thanks in advance!

Rasmus Almqvist, Cisco Systems Finland


Re: 5 tough questions relating to the monitoring software

Hello and sorry for my delay in responding (Was on Vacation).

1) I have seen the problem you refer to and the way I got around it was to change the screen resolution, believe it or not.  I remember lowering it to 1280x800 and even have it working at 1400x1050.   That is a weird problem, and I did report that to the BU who I believe told NUUO, but for now this is the only workaround.  Uninstalling and reinstalling will not help, as you realize now.

2) The new Utility WILL FIND all SB Cameras it supports on the LAN.  So if your PC is connected to the LAN and can route (ping) the cameras, it can find them.  Note: xVC2300 require FW upgrade to V1.01 to make them work.   WVC200 will not be recognized at all.

WAN Monitoring of course will require manual config and port forwarding to an alternate TCP port (PVC300) or an adjusted TCP port (xVC2300).

3) Correct.  If your it off, it wont record.   This is really menat to be on a dedicated PC that should always be running, so is per design, and I do realize the old utility worked as well when off, but this new one is much improved in other areas and is still free :-)

The Camera itself can send montion detection or scheduled recordings to an FTP Server (NSS2xxx, NSS3xxx) regardless of the presence of the SWVMS16, so yes, the camera can do this too (Simultaneous; dual stream; dual codec).

4)  Setting up the FTP client on the Camera and the FTP Server on the NSS is done with a WIZARD or manual config on the elements and is totally separate from SWVMS16, which is an additional capability.

5)  The SWVMS16 will only save information (video) it records, so is separate fromt he FTP sourced files from the camera. To access the FTP files, just add the NSS to your network neighborhood on the NSS and browse the files (CIFS or NFS) as you would if they were on your own PC.

Steve D

Systems Engineer

Cisco Small Business Sales

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