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Cannot access WVC210 camera viewing (website 192.168.x.x) via 3G network device (Iphone 3GS) - 2ND DISCUSSION THREAD

Dear Cisco Support Team /  Mpyhala,

You'll remember my previus discussion on the same subject (thread/2122570). You can easily find the link on my profile (it does not allow me to paste here)... I got your guidance and managed to access to the camera with success.

However, today, after following exactly the same method, I am getting a blank screen, and neither through my mobile, or my personal PC, I cannot reach to the main screen of the camera, when I try to access, using my WAN IP address. This is extremely dissapointing, after so much effort (and yes a lot of support from yourselves), still we cannot get the basic functions of the camera.

Basically the Internet Explorer (or Safari on my Iphone), or even I tried a couple of Apps, I get a blank screen (after several seconds of thinking/trying), or on Internet explorer it says "Network error, Operation Timed Out".. (despite following exact same steps as the day before, when this worked).

I tried switching the camera on and off... No result... I should not have to switch the router on and off each time....

How is it possible/why do you think, this could happen? This is important, because, that means

1. I cannot rely on the camera, for remote monitoring, and

2. I cannot even reach to the main webpage, to start a recording session, for instance..

Will apprecaite your feedback at earliest.




Cannot access WVC210 camera viewing (website 192.168.x.x) via 3G

Hi Yalin,

Are you getting to the login page of the camera or just nothing? Is it possible that your WAN IP has changed? Please check this by going to or looking at your router status.

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Cannot access WVC210 camera viewing (website 192.168.x.x) via 3G


Hi there. Yes, you are right. Indeed, looks like my WAN IP address has changed!!??  In fact, it was the same IP for quite some time... Not sure why that would be changed at all..


1. How do I ensure continuity of access to camera, given that my WAN IP might be changed by Virgin, at any time (I trust that, they ar the ones changing this address??)

2. Is there any way we can fix this WAN IP address to your knowledge?




Cannot access WVC210 camera viewing (website 192.168.x.x) via 3G


Your WAN IP is subject to change and will from time to time. Some ISPs change the IP address more often than others. You basically have two options:

  1. Pay extra each month for the ISP to give you a static IP address. It will stay the same always.
  2. Use a service such as DynDNS to create a URL that you input into the camera or router. Instead of accessing the camera from an IP address you would use your unique URL instead, such as (this is how I access my cameras and it works well) Please see for more information about this service. There are also other services available that do the same thing. You will need to create an account and then input your Username, Password and unique URL into the camera or router.
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