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Cisco Video Monitoring System won't connect


I have two PVC-300 cameras and I'm using the Cisco Video Monitoring System. I installed the Monitoring System to my laptop and everything worked fine.

Now I'm tring to install it to our receptionist's laptop (with same config file) and it won't work. I've even re-installed Windows and still nothing. I can ping both cameras and I can even login to the web-based GUI, but I can't get the video feed to show from the Monitoring System. The Monitoring System's search finds both cameras, but won't show the video feed. It just keeps "Connecting..."

All the devices are on the same network/subnet. The cameras are on v. and Video Monitoring System on v.1.2.1. The laptop (Sony Vaio) runs WindowsXP SP3.

What to do, what to do?


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Re: Cisco Video Monitoring System won't connect

I feel like I just answered this question recently, lol

Take note of the section "Network".


The issue could be a couple different problems, but the most likely is that RTP traffic is not allowed by the firewall.  Since they are on the same subnet it is most likely a software firewall.  Like windows firewall.

Make sure the systems have windows firewall disabled and retry.  If it works you can re-enable the windows firewall and then configure it properly.  Here is a article that lists some information that may help you configure the firewall properly:

Much of that document is for windows media server, but windows media server uses the same ports and such as the camera.  (thats from memory)

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Re: Cisco Video Monitoring System won't connect


Problem solved. It wasn't the firewall or anything relating to that. I did a factory default to all the cameras and now they are working. Don't know what was jamming them earlier.


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