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New Member

Failed to access remotely to cam PVC2300

Hi, I'm having a issue accessing remotely to 5 cameras through Internet.

I enable different port to each camera (1024, 1025 and so on), i'm using static LAN IP for those cameras (even try using DHCP). I enable DDNS with my current domain, user and password.

For my WAN service have a 2wire DSL Router with a dynamic IP.

I already update the firmware on the cameras thinking that could be an issue.

My problem is when i try to access using my "" does not giving any response. I try accessing disabling the port and using only the domain or enabling the port using "".

On the router I enable the DMZ option for the camera MAC address, when I do that I can have access but using my current WAN IP.

First I thought that could be a 2wire or ISP problem but then enable the DMZ on the 2wire for a Linksys Switch (srw2024P) which does not support by itself the DDNS option and have access remotely to my switch using my domain registered on dyndns.

Basically all of my tests were connecting directly to my 2wire one of the cameras and making test and configuration.

I check on the dyndns website which WAN IP is giving me and it match to my current WAN.

Even if a make a ping test to my current domain I get access to my current WAN IP.

On the camera configuration parameters I enable the static IP address.

The only difference that I configure on both devices were the DNS:

For the switch enable the IP and as a gateway the router IP. The DNS configure the DNS that my ISP have.

For the cameras enable the IP's, as a gateway the router IP (due it is directly connected to the router) but the DNS configured the router LAN IP.

Please help!


Re: Failed to access remotely to cam PVC2300

It is unclear based on your post whether or not you forwarded the "enabled" ports in your 2wire router. After you enable the ports (i.e. 1024, 1025, etc.) in the camera, you also need to forward that particular port in the 2wire router to the LAN IP address of the camera. Example: Forward port 1024-1024 to (If is the address of the camera with port 1024 enabled) If you have already done this, please disregard. If you have forwarded the ports and still have no success connecting from the internet, please call the Small Business Support Center for your country. You can find a list of numbers at the following link:

Please post an update when the issue is resolved.

New Member

Re: Failed to access remotely to cam PVC2300

Hi thank you for your reply,

On the cameras I opened the ports as well on the 2wire router. Is there a possibility that even if I open the port 1024 on both devices the camera is using another ports to access over HTTP?

Although my tests were made connecting the camera directly to the 2wire router, the final test needs to be done attaching the camera into a switch SRW2024P.

How can I leave the port on the switch: untagged or tagged? I noticed on the switch that if you're using the Vlan 1 as a default and administrative won't allowed me to modify this option, it only allowed me to modify as a general, access or uplink port.

Once that the port is open for remote access the connection to the camera is using the browser or with the main console that came on the cd?

Another question, the number for support does it have a cost?

Please help me with this issue,

Thank you in advance.


Re: Failed to access remotely to cam PVC2300

1) If the camera is set to use port 1024 then that is the port to open in the router for http.

2) From the information that you have provided, leave the traffic untagged.

3) The port on the switch for the cameras should be set to access.

4) Once the port is forwarded you should be able to access the video stream either with your browser or the included software.

5) Phone support is provided free of charge for the first year after you purchase a Cisco Small Business product. You will be required to provide the serial number of the device you are inquiring about to verify entitlement.

New Member

Re: Failed to access remotely to cam PVC2300

Well, it worked as you told me. Opened on the 2wire modem the ports I assigned to the cameras, on the switch left the port on access and untagged mode.

On the same day left me to access remotely using the DDNS only using the console monitor software and a day after allowed to view the cameras on the browser using the domain and port assigned.

Don't know if the domain needed to be spread over the internet several hours to allowed me access using the browser.

Another issue that found is that can't access the recorded video if the user windows account has limited privigeles. It allows to record but not to see the video. It allowed me only if I change the user with administrative privileges.

Thank you so much for your kindly help!

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