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Linksys VMS software and remote users

We need to give remote access to this software.. Remote destop into the server hosting the VMS doesn't seem to work as although you can RD in and get the main console software running, you just get a black screen in the camera picture area in both.

We had this problem a few weeks ago with our initial install of VMS and it was related to the screen resolution of the server running it. Once we went through a number of res settings, we found one that supported it.

This doesn't appear to be the issue in this case as have built a RD profile with the correct resolution with no result.

We need to make the playback option at least available to a couple of user who won't have physical access to the server.

Doesn't look like the VMS has a consoling option, so we can't run playback as a client ?..

anyone had any thoughts on this ?


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Re: Linksys VMS software and remote users


You could have the necessary users download the software to the PCs they will be using, then help them setup the viewing from the software. This way you will not need remote desktop and you can allow multiple users simultaneous access. If these cameras are behind a firewall (I presume they are) then just setup port forwarding for some port like 8000 or 8005 (just something unique) and then have the users connect to your public ip via that port number (i.e. public-ip:8000 or public-ip:8005). In the software you can designate the ip of the camera and add the colon and port number. In the camera, you can set the administration port for what ever you like, therefore anyone can view the camera so long as they have the proper password.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Linksys VMS software and remote users

I'd like to say it does.. Not really what I'm looking.  The users have direct access to the cameras themselves via IP, that's not the problem..

Firewalling not an issue, they are using VPN connections into the site..

Don't want to install the whole VMS software on each client unless neccesary. Anyway the custom installation option allows you to install just the playback software by itself.  This would be great if it wasn't the case that  when you went to use the open recording option, the login dialog is stuck with the server as local machine and there seems to be no way to change this.

Can you install the playback module on its own ?.  if not, whats the point of the custom installation option. Why would anyone want to install the main console and not the playback option?.

Can someone tell me were I need to go to repoint the playback module installed on the client PC's to the remote server as you don't appear to be able to do within the program.

Re: Linksys VMS software and remote users

Hi David,

If you want to use quicktime to view the video feed, open up the quicktime player and try opening  the following URL;


If you want to try Windows Media player try opening the following URL ;


To playback recorded video, you have no choice, but to use the Free application or try out commercial software by such companies as NUOO.

i hope that answers your question.

regards Dave

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