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Peoblems setting up WVC210 Camera

I set up the camera and can view it on my loval network both wired and wirelessly, from desktop, laptop and even my iPhone.

I can not access the camera over the internet from outside my network.

I have a modum connection (not a router) and need to know the DHCP port to use and is it TCP or UDP or whatever.

I am a novice at this but know that my problem has to be port forwarding through my modem.

Please help me!


Re: Peoblems setting up WVC210 Camera

Hey john, this can be done.  You have to change the alternate port from 80 to something like 1024.  This will make you have to access the wvc210 with an address like this  The 1024 is the gui's access port and not the default 80.  Then from here do a port forward in your modem forwarding port 1024 to the ip address of your camera.  Once you do this, you will be able to access the camera with your public ip address of your modem for example (  Make sure you do the colon 1024 at the end to specify the port for the camera.

A. Remote Accessing the WVC210

  1. Check the IP address of the camera. This should be  displayed on camera's LCD.

  2. Open your browser and type the IP address of the camera  (for example, on the address field then hit Enter.  A password box should appear. Type admin for the username and  password, then hit enter. The welcome screen of the Web-based utility  appears. Select Setup to configure the camera.




  3. Click the Setup tab to change the configuration.  Select Fixed IP Address as the Configuration type. Assign a  valid LAN IP address and your DNS number.


  4. Still under Setup, scroll down and check Enable  Alternate Port. Assign your remote management port on the Port  Number from the range of 1024-65534. The default port is 1024. Then  click Apply.


    Note: If your WVC210 is connected to NAT router,  you need to forward or open the port number you set on the camera (for  example, 1024) in the Port Range forwarding page of the router.

  5. You should now be able to access the camera remotely.  To do this, launch your browser on the remote computer and type http://  (WAN IP address of your Router):(Port Number) then hit Enter.  When you login next time locally to this router, you need t...


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