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PVC2300 and WVC2300 caused network disruption


For a couple of days, we experienced serious problems in our business network. Yesterday we found that it was caused by our two cameras connected by cable, a PVC2300 and WVC2300. When disconnecting the cameras everything went back to normal, plugging them in again, the fault came back. After plugging in, the ping increased rapidly, loosing connection after 10-20 sec. Until unplugging again, the cameras interrupted the whole network.

Still after resetting the PVC2300, I still can’t access it. I was able to connect to the WVC2300 by wireless, but lost connection after minutes. During this time, I managed to update the firmware to from, but still no luck.

Before this, the cameras have been running relatively stable for months. Just experienced some cases where the cameras froze, but running fine again after rebooting.

Of a total of six cameras, these where the only ones connected by cable.

Any idea what’s causing this?


Re: PVC2300 and WVC2300 caused network disruption

Hi Erik,

Any ethernet connected device can cause an issue on a LAN if there is an issue with the ethernet interface.

I have up to four PVC2300 or WVC2300 running over multiple VLANs, with zero problem.  But In your case, it would be interesting to see the following.

Write down the MAC addresses of the Cameras.  A sticker underneath each cameras, has the MAC addresses listed.

Step 1.  If your an old fart like me, grab a magnifying glass and copy down the MAC addresses of the two cameras and paste them in your next posting.

step 2.  Grab a free utility called wireshark  (used to capture ethernet frames)

step 3.  Plug a camera into the network and use wireshark to capture a few seconds of ethernet traffic when you get network congestion.

Step 4.  Backup the configuration of the PVC2300 camera that is causing a problem  and save it in your next posting. 

       (I will load it on my camera and check it's configuration, but I am wondering if your cameras as sending out multicast packets, we'll see)

Step 5  Maybe using windows paint program draw out a simple network diagram with IP addresses showing Routers and switches and Access Point in the topology and save it as a JPEG on your next posting..   (This is will folks looking at this post understand your network topology)

So I want;

MAC addresses

Wireshark capture

PVC2300 configuration file

Network topology diagram

regards Dave

Re: PVC2300 and WVC2300 caused network disruption

Hi Erik,

Just to add to this, I upgraded all my cameras to current software that was just released, I have seen no problems with the current software.

regards Dave

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