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New Member

PVC2300 - how do I get RTSP to work propely?

I'mhoping somone can help me quickly with this.

I just purchased a PVC2300.  It's sitting behind a router with a static IP address.

We properly port forwarded the alternate HTTP to port 1024, and we can see the web camera's ouput from ouside the router as expected. 

Then I discovered that we can only have 10 simultaneous HTTP connections, but I really need to use the RTSP with MULTICAST.

We created a RTSP port forwarding rule on the router to port 554, and viola, we were able to connect from the outsid world using REAL PLAYER and WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER by entering the following:

rtsp://<static IP>:554/img/media.sav

BUT here's where things went wrong.

Both players popped up the login screen and allowed us to apparently connect, but he media never displayed.

Now, I've enabled the multicast option, but I really don't know how to set that up.  We tried some port forwarding to and but that didn't seem to make a difference.

I'm curious if the "img/media.sav" filename isn't correct, but I can't tell if that file is saved on the camera or is attempting to be saved elsewhere.  We can't seem to find an occurrence of img/media.sav anywhere, and I don't see any way to set up a path in the camera.

There also doesn't seem to be any special setup to access the RTSP output.

What am I missing?


Re: PVC2300 - how do I get RTSP to work propely?

There is a GUI button under "advanced" I believe (not in front of me now) to enable RTSP.

There is also a word there you would append to the end of the browsing request string (maybe mobile.sdp or something like this?).

Sounds like thats enabled.   Fort Forward rule sounds proper.

Try setting the camera for MPEG4.

What are you using to browse remotely?   Just a smart phone running IE?


New Member

Re: PVC2300 - how do I get RTSP to work propely?

Hi Steve,

I worked on this most of the night here's what I learned:

- I could stream to my Blackberry through the router

- I then logged in to my server to get on the private network side, and I was able to RTSP stream to RealPlayer with no issue at al

So the problem appears to be that I cannot tunnel through the router.   I must not be setting up the port forwarding properly for the audio/video.

Port forwarding for HTTP protocol works fine.

Port forwarding for RTSP works fine for the mobile device.

What do you think?

- allan

Re: PVC2300 - how do I get RTSP to work propely?


Did it work on Mobile with MPEG4 or MJPEG?

TCP Port 554 is all you need to forward on the router.

New Member

Re: PVC2300 - how do I get RTSP to work propely?


I assume MPEG4 but I don't know if there is a way to tell.

From inside the router, RealPlayer connected to the media.sav file immediately and worked great. 

We set up a RTSP open port to 554.   Should it have been a UDP or TCP port?

Re: PVC2300 - how do I get RTSP to work propely?

On the PVC2300 Video Setup, you must enable Mobile streaming and make sure MPEG4 is on one of the two codec settings....

TCP port 554 is what I used successfully in the past on the router.

I wrote about it here and demonstrated it in this document (the second one).

page 44 or so I think, but prior I show how to set it up....

New Member

Re: PVC2300 - how do I get RTSP to work propely?

Hi Steve,

I appreciate your persistence.   This is incredibly frustrating.

From inside the firewall, on the private side, no issues at all.   Multicast works.

We opened the http port using TCP->1024.   No issues.

I opened a port TCP->554, TCP->7070, and UDP->6970-6999 based on an article I read about streaming behind a firewall.

RealPlayer connects to the webcam and prompts for a user password and login, but then hangs as it attempts to connect to the media.   Again, behind the firewall, no problem at all.   RealPlayer connects and starts the media.

I'm banging my head against the wall.

I read that there were some other ports I'm supposed to open up?

I'm tempted to open up the entire firewall temporarily just to see if I can get it to work at all.

Is it at all possible that there is a problem with the camera?  It's brand new.

Any help would be appreciated.   I don't know where else to turn at this point.


Re: PVC2300 - how do I get RTSP to work propely?

I am not sure if this will work, but i found a forum with the ports for the rtsp being forwarded.  Here is the link.

Give this a shot and let us know.

New Member

Re: PVC2300 - how do I get RTSP to work propely?

Hi David,

Believe it or not, the streaming to my cell phone works.  I wasn't even going for that.

I just cannot seem to get it to stream through the firewall to RealPlayer or Windows Media Player outside the firewall.  Inside, it works perfectly.  Outside, the player makes a connection, the login screen pops up, and then NOTHING.   It just hangs for a couple of minutes trying to connect.

On my firewall I have the following ports forwarded:

TCP->1024 (for HTTP alternate, which works fine BTW)







I don't know what more to do.

I have enabled multicast as well.   Apparently, there is another IP address: and 

But this doesn't work whether I have mutlicast enabled or not.


Do you know if I have to make a single port forwarding rule with everything all the ports listed together?   Or can they be separated across several rules in the router?   Right now, they are each separated.

Thanks in advance,


New Member

Re: PVC2300 - how do I get RTSP to work propely?

Ok, I tried a few more things.

On my computer, I logged into the router on my home network, and opened up a screen and remote logged into the router behind which is the PVC2300.

Here's what I learned:

- When Windows Media Player (or RealPlayer) call the media stream, it asserts port 554

- The router at the other end accepts the port 554 call

Then the password/login screen pops up.

- After that, I saw a number of BLOCKED transfers from port 8200 back to my router.

So I opened up port 8200, assuming the webcam was using that port as well.

All of the blocked messages disappeared.  I was hopeful at that point.

Unfortunately, the media never streams in WMP or RealPlayer.

I had read that the webcam sends data on UDP 6970 - 6970 but I never saw any traffic from those ports on the remote router.   All I see are TCP events and a few UDP events that have nothing to do with the router at my end.

So here are my questions:

- Are there any tools that can help me easily determine the data flow out of the webcam on the remote network?

- Does the UDP data flow from the remote router "under" the open socket of 554 and/or 8200 without tripping an event in the router log?

- Is there any way I can figure out what port is being used to transfer the data to the RealPlayer that can show the stream on the remote server?

There has got to be a simple explanation for this.

One more thing:

- The firewall at my local machine is turned off, and I can stream sample video from RealPlayer's website.   But it might be HTTP not RTSP and I cannot tell the difference.


Re: PVC2300 - how do I get RTSP to work propely?

Are you forwarding these ports to the ip address of the camera behind the firewall?

New Member

Re: PVC2300 - how do I get RTSP to work propely?

What do you mean?   How else would I forward them?

Here's what I have:

Camera IP:

Router external static:  xx.xx.xx.xx


TCP: -> xx.xx.xx.xx:554

TCP: -> xx.xx.xx.xx:8020

UDP: -> xx.xx.xx:6970-6999

I don't know what else to do unless there are other ports that need to be forwarded from the camera.

When I run RealPlayer inside the firewall, I give the following URL:


It works perfectly.  The login window appears, and after authentication,    RealPlayer connects to the media, loads it, and plays.

From outside the firewall:


It connects to the camera, gives me the login window, then hangs for about a minute before bailing out.

Is there any way to trace the packets from RealPlayer inside the firewall?   Then I could see the IP addresses and ports being used.

Or am I setting up the ports incorrectly?

There appears to be only one way to port forward in the router.

Maybe I am missing some rules?



Re: PVC2300 - how do I get RTSP to work propely?

You can do as many rules as you want, it does not make a difference with the port forwarding.