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PVC2300 Standard Lens - What is it?

I need to get a wider field of view from a Cisco PVC2300 but am not sure what lens to buy?

It is difficult to choose one when I cannot find the current mm of the stock lens.

Does anyone know?

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Re: PVC2300 Standard Lens - What is it?

Maybe I can help.   Look here to the additional types of lens you can purchase for your IP Camera:

The PVC2300 comes with the lens described in the datasheet, basically...

1/4-in. progressive CCD sensor

0.4LUX @ F1.7

Lens type
CS-mount lens, fixed focus; adapter also included for lenses that require more distance between sensor and lens

Focal length
500mm~infinity (for included lens)

Field of view
47º Diagonal (for included lens)

Video resolution
640 x 480 (VGA), 320 x 240 (QVGA), 160 x 120 (QQVGA)

Frame rate
1 to 30 frames per second (selectable)

Provides iris control for CS-mount auto-iris lens when attached

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Re: PVC2300 Standard Lens - What is it?


Thank you but I found that information as well.  My confusion lies with the fact that the lens is specified as 47º Diagonal and all of the optinoal lenses are listed in 3mm - 8mm and appear to be different depending on whether they are 1/3 or 1/4.

Do you know what the standard lens is in mm?  I have had a good look at it and it appears unmarked.

Thank you

Re: PVC2300 Standard Lens - What is it?

hmmm....focal length is measured in mm

When I look at the PVC2300 datasheet I do see 500mm-infinity as its focal length.  is this not what you are looking for?

You can calculate what you need I think using this formula...

When calculating focal length (f)

f = D*I/W

where i=3.6mm for 1/3 inch CCD

...example I saw on a Good Morning techies webcast...

d = 200 meters , width (15 meeters)

f = (200x3.6)/15

f(mm) = 720/15

f = 48mm

Does this help?

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Re: PVC2300 Standard Lens - What is it?

I think you are going a bit beyond me now.


All I understand is that the standard lens is 47º.  Do you know wide angle view of any of the accesory lenses?  So I can see how wide I need to go to record everything I need to?

Re: PVC2300 Standard Lens - What is it?

Like this one?...


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Re: PVC2300 Standard Lens - What is it?


The 2300 comes with a 6 mm lens. If you want wider lens you need to pick something below this number. Bear in mind that if you go really low you will get a "fish-eye" effect. I find that a 2.3 mm will give you quite a wide angle and a 1.3 mm will give you a pronounced fish-eye effect. If you want to use this camera with an IR lamp make sure the lens you get is IR compensated too, this will have a part number (or specs in mm) of the lens followed by the letters "IR".

Hope this helps.


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