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PVC300 "Recording entry 0 start failed" error to NSS3000


I have 4 cameras setup to record to a NSS3000. 2 x PVC300 and 2 x PVC2300

I have setup the server on the PVC300's and it will test OK with a message "Mount Succeffully" however if I try to setup a recording to write to it I get the above error: "Recording entry 0 start failed"

If I try with a motion event it fails with a "Samba Mount Failed" error.

I can get the motion event writing OK to a FTP server on the same NSS3000 but not to CIFS.

Both PVC2300's connect fine to the same NSS300 using the smae credentials and same share (different folder)

All devices are on the same LAN connected via a 3560 switch

the PVC300's have firmware

the PVC2300's have firmware

I have searched this community and cannot find anything similar, so thought it best to post this as a new thread.  Hope this is correct.

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