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Recorded Videos from PVC2300


I have got a problem, I will try to explain it:

I have a Cisco PVC 2300 cam which is non-stop recording when I turn it on.(Like this)
The Camera is uploading the recorded video to a SAMBA shared NAS (NMH300) Driver.
ALL of them is OK!
But now the problem, I copied all the recorded stuff "date_time.asx" to a local Harddisk.
One Data "date_time.asx" is 100 MB.

How i can watch them???

I tried to watch it over VLC but i cant move forward. And it shows me only 2min, but it has more than 30min a file.
With the Cisco Playback viewer i dont know how to open.(ver

There is only a thing like remote viewer but I cant watch it remotely.
There was also a Data Time search Dialog in which you can set a directory but i cant watxg anything.
Here a sample:video_monitor.jpg

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Re: Recorded Videos from PVC2300


I am surprised to hear that you are having trouble viewing the .asx files with VLC. It normally plays these files well. Have you tried lowering the file size from 100MB to 10MB in the camera settings? (Look for Maximum Size of Each File: in the SMB/CIFS settings) Also, try copying the file to a different computer and playing it there.

The Playback software is designed to play video recorded from the Main Console of the Video Monitoring System. It will not play the .asx files recorded directly from the camera to the NAS.

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