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New Member

SWVMS16 Video Retention

Hi All,

I have setup the SWVMS16 to Automatic Recycle Video every 12 hours and to Keep Video for 7 days however, I still have video over a month old on the system and I see no evidence that any of the video is being rolled.  I've also attempted to change the Keep Video to 14 days and I still see the Video Logs for over a month.  I've also unchecked the Automatic Recycle selection and saved the selection and still no rolling.  I've done a search on the forum here and have not found anything.  Anyone else experience this or have ideas on what is going on and how to fix this?




Re: SWVMS16 Video Retention

Thanks for your post on The Cisco SWVMS16, the no cost Monitor/Recorder/Playback utility for Cisco Small Business Cameras.

The KEEP SYSTEM LOG is a separate setting.  Please adjust that one separately?  Then look at the log viewer and see.

I just tried and after some delay it removed older logs (I may have exited and restarted as well, so not sure if would trim on the fly while running)

After setting KEEP VIDEO for 7 days, did you stop and start the Main Console?  Not saying its required, but thinking that the playback would think it was there from when it started and not sure what would happen if it was removed on the fly.  I also tried this myself now, and it looks like it worked.

Try to adjust, then stop and start look in C:\Program Files\Cisco\Video Monitoring System and see if the Day Folders (with the camera subfolders) are adjusted.

(this may take some time)


Each camera will have it's own sub folder under a specific day folder.  Within this single day the data can be recycled to save space.  So say every 12 hours within that single day the data is recycled saving 12 hours of disk space.  This will take some time to see work...

I think we may learn that this one may only take effect when there is limited disk space.

You can see free disk space on the main console under the clock.   But I am also checking with some experts for you.

Steve D,

SE: US Channels Engineering

Re: SWVMS16 Video Retention

Development request:

Can we ask for the customer's SWVMS16 configuration file (General Setting icon, >Save/Load Configuration, Save) and storage capacity (C:\ or any other storage path if they configured more than 1)?

If partner is more interested in keeping the video for a fixed period, suggestion to simply check the "Keep Video" (uncheck Automatic Recycle).

When checked both, "Automatic Recycle" takes priority.

Steve and BU team behind him...


New Member

Re: SWVMS16 Video Retention

Steve, & BU Team,

Thank you for the quick responses, its very much appreciated.

I actually tried unchecking the Automatic Recycle Box and Applied the settings and it did not trim the folders pertaining to dates outside my 14 or 7 day periods, however, I'm not sure if I actually shutdown the Main Console and started it back up.  I did restart it once, however, I think I did that when I changed my retention from 7 to 14 days while automatic recycle was still selected.  I'll try unchecking automatic recycle, applying and then stopping / starting the Main Console and report back.  If that still does not work I'll be happy to provide my config, just let me know where I should send it to and if there is any reference/case #'s I should provide with it.  There is ample storage capacity so it likely will never hit the automatic recycle at this point.



New Member

Re: SWVMS16 Video Retention


Ok.. I think I may know what happened here.

I was doing some additional testing per the response above and unchecking the automatic recycle and restarting the Main Console I checked the folders and the ones I would have expected to be deleted were still there and full of data.  As an additional test I went into the playback section to see if I could "see" all of this data.  Somewhat to my surprise, I could not see this data, I only had 7 days worth of data according to the database(7 days in bold Red).  This would correspond to my settings up until I started changing them this morning back and forth between 14 and 7 days.  As I looked at the folders more carefully I noticed a gap in the date folder names.  I had data from 10/16 -> 10/29 and then a gap from 10/29 -> 11/10.  Back in late October I was having issues with the Ctrl Alt Del function essentially killing the Main Console on Vista with the Intel GMA Driver... see the following post. (SWVMS16 crash on Ctrl - Alt - Del or Screen Lock in Vista?) I ended up installing a new video card and had issues with the Software starting up after that, so I needed to completely uninstall and reinstall the software to get it working again.(However, I didn't delete the data that was recorded up until that point)  So, since the new DB that would have been created as part of the new install didn't really "know" about my previous dates it did not touch them.  Which I can't necessarily say is a bad thing... as if I would have had other things in those folders that would for some off chance be named in a similar syntax but not related to the Camera Video it would have blindly wiped them out... and that would have been much worse than this situation.



Re: SWVMS16 Video Retention


Thanks for taking the time to explain and we completely understand :-)  

It is Partners like you and many others who visit us here, who take the time to 'lab up' equipment and get into the nuts and bolts that will be most successful, because you understand it.

I understand exactly what you defined, and it makes sense.

Good job!