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Video Monitoring System


The cameras like the PVC2300 has the option to work with dyndns, Anybody knows if the Video Monitoring System can  remotely monitor the cameras across of dyndns. (do this to prevent VPN).


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Re: Video Monitoring System

I am not 100% I understood the question so let me restate it to be sure.

You have a IP based video camera and you want to know if you can use a dynamic DNS service to remotely manage/view the camera.

As long as the video camera is IP based then the use of a dynamic DNS service to remotely access it is possible.  In order to do this there are a couple critical steps to make sure happen.

1) Setup the camera so it can be accessed locally via a static IP

2) Configure your border router, for SMB this is usually the firewall, to forward the correct traffic to the camera.    If you only have 1 global ip address then you may want to look at PAT aka NAT overloading.  If you have multiple global ip adddress' then using 1 via NAT is probabally your best option.  Make sure that when your doing this step you also create the access-list rules to allow the traffic to pass.

Now steps 1 and 2 is what you would normally do for any connection from outside the office.  The next step is where dynamic DNS will come into play.

3) Setup your dynamic DNS entry.  This step will vary from vendor to vendor but generally the people who use a Dynamic DNS service only have 1 Dynamic IP address.  If this matches your situation then you can place the dynamic DNS client, or whatever the service uses to identify your current ip address, on a workstation or server that is using the same global ip as the camera.  Normally this means anywhere, but if you have more than 1 dynamic global address then be aware of where it is going as you don't want the wrong ip populated for dynamic dns.

Now your done.  You should be able to go to access it from your dynamic dns entry i.e.

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Video Monitoring System

Hi, I'm having a issue accessing remotely to 5 cameras through Internet.

I enable different port to each camera (1024, 1025 and so on), i'm using static LAN IP for those cameras (even try using DHCP). I enable DDNS with my current domain, user and password.

For my WAN service have a 2wire DSL Router with a dynamic IP.

I already update the firmware on the cameras thinking that could be an issue.

My problem is when i try to access using my "" does not giving any response. I try accessing disabling the port and using only the domain or enabling the port using "".

On the router I enable the DMZ option for the camera MAC address, when I do that I can have access but using my current WAN IP.

First I thought that could be a 2wire or ISP problem but then enable the DMZ on the 2wire for a Linksys Switch (srw2024P) which does not support by itself the DDNS option and have access remotely to my switch using my domain registered on dyndns.

Basically all of my tests were connecting directly to my 2wire one of the cameras and making test and configuration.

I check on the dyndns website which WAN IP is giving me and it match to my current WAN.

Even if a make a ping test to my current domain I get access to my current WAN IP.

On the camera configuration parameters I enable the static IP address.

For the switch and cameras I enable the IP and as a gateway the router IP. The DNS I tooked directly from my ISP provider.

How is that have access to the swith using dynamic DNS and for the cameras don't?

Please help!

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