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Why IP based Cameras vs. Analog Cameras encoded/converted over IP?


I have a customer that I’m currently involved with that is defending analog cameras converted over IP against IP cameras which is what we are trying to sell.

Here are the main points that the customer used to defend hybrid Video Surveillance system over full IP Video Surveillance:

1.       Hybrid system is cheaper.

2.       Conventional cameras are higher quality than IP cameras and cheaper.

3.       IP cameras won’t be able to handle heat and humidity for outdoors and some indoors areas.

4.       Most of the casings are designed to satisfy conventional cameras cabling. If he puts IP camera in this casing, where to output the power or CAT6  cables. There is no specific sealed output and casing for such cabling.

5.       There is no difference between the two systems once the signals, images, gets converted from the cameras with the encoder over IP network.

I thought to run this by the experts as my goal is to have enough compiled inputs on each of the above points.

So, your Input/Information/Collateral that you can share is highly appreciated.

Thank You,



Re: Why IP based Cameras vs. Analog Cameras encoded/converted ov

While this is a generic answer, we have all dedicated alot of time into this as well as some new Smart Designs that will be available really soon that I hope can answer your queries....

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