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WVC200 and Monitor Software

Hello All.

This is my first post to this forum and I will try to include all the necessary information.

I work for a small Tech company who provides service for a variety of small companies. One of these companies has 9 WVC200 cameras installed. (we set this up)

From the start everything was a little glitchy (cameras could not be viewed, lost sync with time servers) nothing major. About 3 months ago we started noticing that the monitor software (which came with the cameras) would stop recording from some of the cameras after a few days. A simple logoff and logon resolves this and they all start again. Only 2-3 days later some cameras stop again.

Details on what has been done so far:

- Updated the firmware of all cameras and resetup of said devices.

- Updated monitor software ( i found a file for 1.1 but the contents of the zip are so i did not install it.

- Checked logs for all cameras, nothing out of the ordinary.

- the cameras record to a dedicated box with a TB of space.

- the cameras are set to use 100 GB and then overwrite the oldest file.

- It seems to be random as to which cameras will continue to record and which cameras stop.

- The cameras can still be viewed when recording has stopped

- eventvwr shows no information for the recording stoipping or starting

- The cameras are set to record 24x7

I am hoping somebody has a suggestion i can try as we need to get this working and i do not see a reason why the software simply stops recording.

Thanks in advance for any help

Aaron Gerhardt

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Re: WVC200 and Monitor Software

I haven't seen this one before. I suspect that the 1TB dedicated box may be having issues. I would start by defragmenting the hard drive. Next I would swap the PC for another and test. That would eliminate the recording "box" as the problem. You could also try with a different router to eliminate that as the problem. Seems unlikely that all 9 of your cameras would be failing at once. Please keep us updated.

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Re: WVC200 and Monitor Software

Thanks for the response.

I will try the defrag today and see if that helps.

A few things i should mention that i forgot:

- the "box" is new (quad core, 2gb ram,) we replaced the old box as it was having the same problem and we assumed it was the hardware.

- when recording stops not all cameras stop, 1-2 per day until we notice

- the router in question is a cisco running at Gigabit speed. I believe this should handle the traffic fine and am reluctant to replace as it is the backbone of their small company.

I will let you know how the defrag goes.


Re: WVC200 and Monitor Software


Any luck with the defrag? After reading your response I am having serious doubts that your PC is causing the issue, seeing as you have replaced it once and you clearly are not using weak hardware. Are the cameras wired or wireless?

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Re: WVC200 and Monitor Software

The Defrag does not seem to have solved the issue. It has still happened since.

The 9 cameras are all wireless. They have static IP addresses. The logs do not show anything out of the ordinary when they stop recording.

I am wondering if it is the software side as when a camera stops recording the live video feed is still viewable. Is there any updated software for the monitor avavilable?

Re: WVC200 and Monitor Software

Just wanted to chime in and offer some information.  The SWVMS16 version you are using must be very old, because the newest versions no longer support that Camera Model, which is EOS/EOL now.

The WVC210 was introduced because the WVC200 was not a true dual stream camera. And if you tried to do FTP and SMTP simultaneously, they usually didnt work correct.   not sure if that could also impact the http viewing, but its not technically supported on the SWVMS16 any more.....

Steve D

US Field Channel Sales, SE.


Re: WVC200 and Monitor Software

Here are the details for the latest version from the download page:
Release Date: 31/Aug/2008
Monitoring Utility
Size: 54831.48 KB  (56147430 bytes)

This is called Linksys Surveillance Utility and works with the WVC200. I recommend that you make sure that you are using the latest version. You may also want to try restarting the software and possibly the PC daily to see if that helps. The current Video Monitoring System for the WVC210, PVC2300, etc. has an option to "Auto Reboot Main Console". It can be set to reboot daily, on certain days of the week, weekly, etc. Maybe this feature was added for a reason? As I stated earlier, I have never seen any stability issues with either program, and have tested both for more than a week at a time. I must admit that I have personally never tested with more than four cameras though.

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Re: WVC200 and Monitor Software


I downloaded the new software that you specified. I uninstalled the old software completely and rebooted. I then installed the new software and checked the version number (still 1.0). I thought it may have been re-installing the old somehow so i tried the file on a seperate PC that does not have the software installed already. It was the smae result. I am not sure why this says it is 1.2 and yet the install is 1.0. Seems strange.

As for the rebooting that works fine but is not really a solution. I will keep trying whatever i can think of and will await any further sugestions.


Re: WVC200 and Monitor Software

As for the rebooting that works fine but is not really a solution. I will keep trying whatever i can think of and will await any further sugestions.

Does this mean that you have tried rebooting? I mentioned it as a troubleshooting step. I agree that it is not a solution. It would help to find out for certain whether the issue is hardware or software related.

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Re: WVC200 and Monitor Software

I feel i should point out some things from my original post again for clarity.

1.) this is the second box we have tried this on

2.) If i logoff and log back in it starts working again (a full reboot is not necessary)

Currently they are logging off and on every morning. I would just like to find a better solution.

Thakns again for your patience and help so far.


Re: WVC200 and Monitor Software

This may or may not be helpful to you:

Someone recommends using the old PVC2300 monitoring utility (Not SWVMS16) to record video from the WVC200 and claims that it is more stable. I was not able to locate the version of the software that is referenced in the post. (Internet Camera Utility 2.0 9/11/2007 45.9 MB) I did however locate this version: Internet Camera Monitoring Utility, Release Version - 2.1.1 after a quick search at I have not tried this and I have no idea if it will work or not.

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