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WVC210 and Motion Detection/NAS Device

I was using the CSWVM Software (latest) with my WVC210 and leaving my PC on all the time.  I had the camera recording 24x7 to a folder on my PC but only when it deteced motion.  Thsi was working great.

I invested in a NAS device (QNAP TS-239 Pro II) and want to have all motion deteced recorded directly to the NAS so I can leave my PC off.  Since without the PC on, I did all configuration thru the web interface.  All I seem to lose access to is the scheduling.  I can get the camera to record ALL activity to the NAS with no problems.  While trying to get the motion detection working, it seems I can't get it to record anything to the NAS.  I am fairly certain I have everything configured per the Admin guide but still nothing.

Under Applications/Motion Detection I have Enable Motion Detection in all positions checked and set the area as full screen and threshold in the middle.  I do not get anything to record to the NAS even with the Enable SMB/CIFS Alert checkbox checked and NAS login, etc configured.  The ONLY way I can get anythign recorded to the NAS is with the option under Applictions\SMB/CIFS cgecked (Enable SMB/CIFS Recording).  With this set it records EVERYTHING.

In the sensitivity section, I rarely see the red bar appear even when action is in front of the camera. I am not sure why.  I know this should work, any ideas why it is not?

Also, I noticed if I record to the NAS at 320x240 I get an AVI I can play in Win7 WMP with no problem.  Using 640x480, the AVI is unplayable in WMP and I have to use VLC Player.  Is the codec different depedning on the resolution?


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Re: WVC210 and Motion Detection/NAS Device

I do notice every once in awhile I get a 220kb or so file in my NAS directory that appears to have been taken as a result of motion.  What is weird is that it is probably not even a second in length.  Out of the whole time eating dinner, which lasted about 20 minutes in the camera's view,  I perhaps have 2 clips of less than a second each triggered by motion.  I do of course have the full period of time since this thing insists on recording everything as well.

I think motion detection via the web interface is broke.

I am going to leave it set so that under Applications\SMB/CIFS Enable SMB/CIFS Recording is unchecked and see if I get anything in my NAS folder over the next few hours.  Perhaps I will get a few split second clips?

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Re: WVC210 and Motion Detection/NAS Device

It did save some motion clips but certainly not all of them.  They are also only a few seconds in length and a lot of motion whas never captured.  In the CSWVM software it recorded for as long as there was motion present and captured ALL motion ..not just the 4-5 seconds it does now at random times.  Any ideas on what is wrong?  Threshold is all the way at the - side meaning very sensitive.

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Re: WVC210 and Motion Detection/NAS Device

Anyone able to help?


Re: WVC210 and Motion Detection/NAS Device

You have set up the camera to send alerts when it detects motion. The camera will only send up to 5 seconds of video per alert. (Whether it is ftp, email or SMB/CIFS) when configured from the web browser.

There is also an option where you can change the time between alerts, which is defaulted to 1 minute. If you change that to 0 minutes you should receive more alerts. Also, have you tried moving the sensitivity slider all the way to the other side? (I was a little confused about which way was more sensitive the first time I set one up) I do not have a camera in front of me now but I think if you try those two options you will see better results.

From the web browser the only other option than 5 second "alerts" is to record full time to the NAS. The software has many more features, such as recording for a longer time before and after motion is detected. (With the drawback of having to keep a PC running.)

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Re: WVC210 and Motion Detection/NAS Device

Thanks for the info.  I do have the interval set to 0 and have tried the slider on both ends.  I have the slider set all the way to the left (on -) which provides the most sensitivity. I still don't not get all motion captured for some reason.  For this reason, I am recording full time to the NAS.

I agree the web interface is lacking and I am not sure why it doesn't work the same as the software.  If it did, I could only record on motion and capture what I need instead of just alerts or everything.  With the software it was nice to capture motion and just get activity (and all of it from stop to start) recorded.

My NAS surveillence software does not handle the WVC210 but I have gotten it to record full time but with that option I get no audio so that is no good either.  Motion from the NAS software didn't work all that great because camera is not supported with the NAS surveillence software.

Arrgh.  I don't want to leave my PC on.  If only the web interface worked like the software.  The playback of 640x480 vs 320x240 in the web interface stinks too.  It has to use different codecs.