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WVC210 and SWVMS16 - Camera Times Out

I hope someone can shed some light on this.

I'm trying to configure a WVC210 IP camera to be monitored using the SWVMS16 monitoring software, running on a desktop pc with Windows XP Pro SP3.

I can set everything up perfectly - see the video stream, record the video, work with motion detection - but after 20 minutes (almost exactly 20 minutes consistently) the video freezes and everything stops. If I restart the SWVMS16 then it all starts up again and works perfectly for anothetr 20 minutes.

I've checked the video output - I can monitor the WVC210 through the web browser interface for hours. I've even had earlier monitoring sofware (Internet Camera Utility 2.1.1 200809) working for hours. So the network connections between camera and PC are all working. But still I cannot monitor with the SWVMS16 for more then 20 minutes.

Any thoughts ?

Thanks for looking

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Re: WVC210 and SWVMS16 - Camera Times Out

The WVC210 is the only camera I dont have ;-)  so cant confirm, but will ask the PM to address this ASAP.

There is a FW upgrade for the WVC210 maybe?

But this sounds like something different.

Please stay tuned.

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Re: WVC210 and SWVMS16 - Camera Times Out

I've now got two PVC2300 cameras attached to the same software and they are exhibiting exactly the same problem. They work perfectly for 20 minutes (almost exactly 20 minutes) and then freeze.

The firmware version on the PVC2300s is 1.0.1

I've tried the SWVMS16 software on two different Windows XP Pro computers and the result is the same both times - 20 minutes is all I get.

I've checked and disabled all power save settings/sleep settings on the computers to ensure that it's not going to sleep.

If I run the Task Manager as the same time I can see the processor activity drop to zero at 20 minutes.

But.... if I monitor the cameras via a web browser then they work perfectly for as long as I want to view them. That suggest to me that the network link between camera and computer is working ok.


Re: WVC210 and SWVMS16 - Camera Times Out

We haven't seen this issue? Our QA Test Cases included long duration video with Nuuo on both XP SP3 and Vista and this issue wasn't seen.
Can we ask for more info below?
1. SWVMS log: you can export the log (text file).
2. Can you reproduce with both MJPEG and MPEG4?
3. Can you clarify what 'monitor freeze' means? Did youl see the 'non activity' video screen on just see the blank screen on SWVMS16.
If blank screen, did you the 'Disconnect' text on the selected camera?
If SWVMS16 detect a disconnect video stream, it will show 'Disconnect' text and will retry to reconnect to camera when timeout expires.
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Re: WVC210 and SWVMS16 - Camera Times Out

Thanks for looking at this.

I have just installed the VMS16 on a different XP Pro SP3 computer with the same results unfortunately.

The complete setup is setup is quite complex as follows


wireless connection


SRW224GP<-------- PVC2300, PVC2300


VPN tunnel



Windows SBS 2003 Server

Windows XP Pro SP3 Desktop PC

We use VOIP telephones through the same VPN tunnel and these work perfectly so the VPN is working ok. Also, note that I can monitor all 3 cameras using Internet Explorer and the camera IP address without any problems. I have also run an earlier version of the Video monitoring software (PVC2300 WVC2300 Internet Camera Utility 2.1.1 200809) and the video monitoring function works continuously with this software but there were issues with playing back recordings and with motion detection, which is why I installed VMS16.

1. There's not much in the log files (attached).

2. I shall investigate MJPEG and MPEG4 - I have been using the camera defaults up until now.

3. The video freezes on the montoring screen - no more updates are received and the last image is static. The date/time is overlaid on each camera window and the time freezes on the screen and is no longer updated. The screen does not go blank, and the cameras do not disconnect. If I then attempt to close the VMS16 console a box comes up saying "Disconnect camera 1..." This seems to hang on the screen and I need to use the Windows Task Manager to end the application.

Re: WVC210 and SWVMS16 - Camera Times Out

OK, Thank you for getting these answers back to us. 

Are you running the most recent download from CCO ""?  I "attached" one of the last unofficial builds I have been using for months now monitoring everything (except WVC210) that maybe you can try?  Just run it as the installer (double click)

Clarification.... is it just WVC210 that freezes or all of them?  This is why I wrote the next paragraph (if it is just the WVC210).

Also, can you have success if you connect SWVMS locally on the Camera LAN?  This would eliminate the SW and let us focus on the WAN or interconnect setup

Looking at your network topology, it looks like the PVC2300 cameras connect to the switch and then connect to the RV082.   How do you have the WRVS4400N connected?   Are you connecting it to the RV082 to extend the LAN wireless (connecting LAN port of WRVS4400N to LAN port of RV082 with DHCP disabled on WRVS4400N so it gets its leased IP from RV082?)?  This is what I would do, since your not using the WAN on the WRVS4400N to connect to the internet and you want to access the LAN of the camera site over the VPN which only connects on the LAN leases of the RV082.

In fact, I would even suggest static IPs on those cameras so the destination is reliable for the utility (always the same).

Something else to try to rule out tunnel behavior, is put a port forward rule (say port 1024) on the RV082 that forwards to the static IP of the camera and set the alternate HTTP port of the camera to 1024.  Then you should be able to access the camera using the alternate port, without the tunnel.  This may not be the way you desire to operate ultimately, but it will rule out a few things and help you debug this.

I show you how to set up the port forward rule here:

Look for these:

Video Surveillance and NSS with CDP-F Demo Kit:

Let me know if this helps and I apologize for the struggle.

Shortcuts to latest official FW:

Here is the latest published version of SWVMS16
WVC210 Firmware can also be downloaded from here

Steve DiStefano

Systems Engineer

US Field Channel

Community Member

Re: WVC210 and SWVMS16 - Camera Times Out

I seem to have it working now.

Following your suggestion, I changed the video format from MPEG4 to MJPEG. The minute I changed to MJPEG the connection problem stopped and the SWVMS16 software has all been working overnight now without any connection problems.

The only issue I am having now is that one of the cameras (the WCV210) ocasionally seems to be having "refresh" problems. The video on that camera seems to break up periodically and "shifts" - the left half of the image is shown on the right half of the window, or parts of the bottom of the image appear at the top. This is intermittent and almost looks like the software is having problems synchronising with the image from the camera. I am experimenting with resolutions and frame rates to try and resolve this - it seems worse at 640x480 than it is at 320x240.

In reply to your earlier questions - the cameras all have static IP addresses. It was all three cameras that froze - not just the WCV210.

The software I was using was the one downloaded from this site (same as your link to the "latest published version of SWVMS16").

Thanks for your help

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Re: WVC210 and SWVMS16 - Camera Times Out

I´m having some problems with the new Cisco WVC210. In my case, 2 cameras of 4 switch off and on its video broadcasting. After that the only way to get video is resetting the camera. I can´t find a new firmware for these cameras. Its happend even using a patch cord or wireless and no matter what you use to monitor the cameras SWVMS16 or web browsers. I have a mix with the new PVC300 cameras that works very fine. It can be the same problem but in my case SWVMS16 works fine always. The cameras all have static IP. Any help will be aprecciated. I don´t know what to do.

Re: WVC210 and SWVMS16 - Camera Times Out

I haven't heard of this.  Perhaps open a case with SBSC (1866-606-1866) and have it investigated for potential HW issue (faulty units?), but depending on where your browser or SWVMS16 is could hide the problem too?  Maybe its WAN issues?  or are you on the LAN when this happens?  Which Switch are you using?

The next FW (1.1.0) shoudl come out in the next week or 2 if you want to eait to see if that works....

Steve DiStefano

Systems Engineering, Sales Channel

Community Member

Re: WVC210 and SWVMS16 - Camera Times Out

The SWVMS16 has the recording schedule. It consists of Interval, start date, start time, and Duration. If the Interval=one time, and duration=00:20 (20 minutes. Then it is expected as you described.  To continue recording set interval=every day, and duration=24:00. This will fixed the problem.  Since you did not memtion about these settings and I am not sure if you are aware of it..

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