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WVC210 Keeps Rebooting

I have both on my system wvc200 and recently added wvc210, The 210 keeps rebooting and I can not find any reason for it.  I reset back to factory settings and set everything up again, worked for about 10 hours then started rebooting again.  Thought maybe it was being hacked, but installed syslog and no activity detected.  Thought maybe upgrade the firmware, but tried three times and half way through it reboots and does not accept upgrade.  No need for the upgrade really, just thought I would try that.

Router is fine, can view the camera, can be logged on or not and it reboots.

Not new to IP Cameras, and it works fine in any application.  Just reboot for no reason I can find.  Power source is okay, changed that to be sure.

Any Ideas of what I can try next?

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Re: WVC210 Keeps Rebooting

Hey Jeffrey, how are you powering up the camera via poe or the power supply that came with the camera?  If poe, try using the power supply that came with the device and  see if it reboots?  If it don't then it could be something in the poe, the cable, or the camera receiving poe.  If it keeps rebooting with the power supply and won't take a firmware upgrade, there is possibly something defective with the device.  I would try this and if it seems as if the camera is defective you can try and take it back to the point of purchase, or call the SBSC at 866-606-1866.  

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Re: WVC210 Keeps Rebooting

Using the power supply that came with the Camera, swapped it with the wvc200 I have and it still does the same thing, so not power supply.  What is odd is it does it more between 12 am and 6 in the morning, seems to be pretty good in the day, so very wierd. discconnected time sync and server to see if that was it, but kept doing it

Sometimes will do it 5 times in a row, then go for hours and nothing, ordered it on line so a real pain to return it, was hoping to solve the problem, will call support Monday just to see, but I have experience with IP Cameras and pretty much think it has nothing to do with anything I can fix. Do not think it is in the set up cause the other camera is set up the same and does fine.  I do not think bad wireless connection would make it reboot, and everything else has no connection issues.  Might try cable just to see if that happens

Just thought I would try here first, sometimes one misses the obvious LOL

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