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WVC210 - Time Restrictions

I used to have a IP camera that allowed logins based on user/admin levels paired with the great idea of time restrictions. For example, M-F I usually got home at around 17:30 hours. I set the camera to disable the stream at 17:15 for anyone supplying a user login/password. The admin level login allowed the camera to be viewed anytime. This login was for the camera itself. The feature was built in. I've been looking at the API for the WVC210 and I don't see such feature. Would it be possible to suggest this feature? Does anyone have any ideas of how I could pull this off? I'm hosting a custom HTML page for the camera on my home webserver, so I could possibly lock out access to the camera's viewing page via javascript, this would mean my users would need to remember 2 sets of passwords. One for the javascript and one for the actual camera login. If I scrapped the secondary logins, I'd effectively be locking myself out until the restriction was no longer in effect. Thanks for any help!

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Re: WVC210 - Time Restrictions


exactly, right now is not possible to restrict the access by time. But It will be a good suggestion for the new firmware version, I will try to send the request to the product manager.



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