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WVC210 v1.1.0.12 Camera/ Video Monitoring v1.2.1 - Motion Detection Issue


I'm running the latest firmware on the camera, and the latest version of the video monitoring application on a Windows 7, (x64) PC. All operations are running correctly; from email alerts to sensitivity zone triggers (motion detection), to remote internet access by several users via DDNS. However, I have one very annoying issue: I have set the email attachment option for Post Capture Length to 5 seconds (Pre-Capture is at 0). The most I get in a recorded clip when the camera is triggered DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS, is 1-2 seconds. Yet at night I get no less than 5-7 seconds without issue! What gives? Why would light exposure limit the recorded segments to such (unusable) clip sizes? Is this an attachment file size issue? I'm thinking, more color/ contrast/ detail during daylight hours would most likely result in larger file sizes, hence, if I have an imposed limitation of 2MB, that MIGHT explain it (ISP=Comcast, and I have sent larger attachments via this same account). Are there attachment file size limitation settings that I can modify for this application via registry settings? Everything else is honestly beyond my expectations (mounted outside, working flawlessly), but I really would like to get 5 second clips 24/7 if that is what I have it set for... any suggestions? Thanks!


Re: WVC210 v1.1.0.12 Camera/ Video Monitoring v1.2.1 - Motion De

i William,

I'm going to comment on your thread above, in reverse order.

Mounted outside ---wow for the sake of your investment, I do hope it's protected from the elements .

Otherwise,  a darn good question, which is obviously related to the firmware within the camera itself.

I think your statement regarding what is happening is succinct statement of a problem.

It must be related to camera microcode..  There was no mention of that as a open caveat in the firmware release notes, but it does mention in the release notes for the camera firmware the following;

"Pre-Capture Length In the Applications > Motion Detection window, Pre-Capture Length defaults to 0 seconds. It is definable from 0 to 4 seconds"

I wonder why it allows you can go further with a email,  that doesn't make sense.

Might I humbly suggest that you open up a case with the small business support center.  to clarify the situation or open a case.

May be useful to reference this posting as a introduction, as your question is very succinct, and i also mention references taken from the firmware release notes for your camera.

regards Dave

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Re: WVC210 v1.1.0.12 Camera/ Video Monitoring v1.2.1 - Motion De

Thanks Dave!

I'll definitely open a case with the Small Business Support Center... only to see if this issue can be addressed in a future firmware release. As for the elements, no worries - South Florida is home to this camera, and even then it is mounted vertically (sans stand) on a security camera bracket to the underside of a roof overhang. In all but the fiercest of storms it doesn't stand a chance of getting wet. I'll bag it, or remove it if its that severe. I (clear) taped the bottom of the unit to prevent moisture/ humidity damage through the LAN port/ audio connectors.

Now, as for my original question... I have confirmed this much: this is definitely an attachment size issue. Comcast limits attachments to 10MB per e-mail sent. I verified this fact by sending myself a few emails >2MB. Assuming that a full color, high resolution video file will naturally be larger than a black/ gray monochromatic, low resolution image, I tried the following yesterday afternoon. Under MPEG-4 video settings, I brought the Fixed Quality settings back down to Normal. That alone increased the video file time from 1-2 to 3-4 seconds. Next, I essentially cut the Max Frame Rate rate in half, down to 15 fps. Voila! That did it, as the 2MB file size limitation (seemingly imposed by this software/ camera firmware) can now comfortably accommodate up to 6-7 seconds (actually EXCEEDING the factory limit of 5 seconds for Post Capture Length). So as is always the case with us "Engineers," finding a workaround is par for the course... but I really WOULD like to have it record at maximum frame rate, in high quality, and send me the corresponding video clip at 5-6 seconds.

Now, if I could just get that obnoxious palm tree to stop swaying in the breeze, I wouldn't have to delete 500+ e-mails an hour!


Re: WVC210 v1.1.0.12 Camera/ Video Monitoring v1.2.1 - Motion De


Thanks for posting the workaround. It would be great if you could measure the emails by size rather than length. It is fairly common for ISP's to allow 10MB attachments these days. As far as the palm tree goes, I can think of two options:

1) Get a chainsaw. Note that if a tree falls on the WVC210 the warranty is void.

2) Read page 70 of the WVC210 Admin Guide. "Set Area & Sensitivity" allows you to eliminate certain areas from motion detection, such as trees and branches. I recommend this option only because it is slightly safer and possibly even easier.

If you don't already have the guide, get it here:

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