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New Member

WVC2300 playback issues

Anyone had this problem,  we have a fileserver that hosts the WVC2300 recording and playback files and we monitor the recording process remotely so that we're alert for any problems..

So just tried to access some video footage for a couple of days ago and playback came back with the message "there is no recorded file to play". Plenty of free space on the server, so it's not as if the data is getting overwritten and anyway, we have sef files for the period I wanted to look at in the data directory. Nothing unusual in the event logs and yesterdays footage is playable, so what's happening..

In addition, have gone back a month to when I last exported some footage to avi, and I can still view the original footage for that period in the playback viewer.

Anyone seen this happen before with this produt and have advice on A. how we can stop it happening again or at least detect it before finding out that we can't access, B. how we can access the existing data given that we do have sef files for the period we want to view..

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Re: WVC2300 playback issues

The WVC2300 can FTP, or EMAIL its video to axternal devices over IP as you know.

But it can also be watched using SWVMS16.  Is this what you are using?

Are you using the PC HDD or a NAS File SHARE for storing the data (which model)?

Remote access to the camera is possible (i.e. the SWVMS16 is remote and VPN (preferred method) connected to the Cameras), but are you saying that you are trying to access the PC running SWVMS16 remotely?  Explain this topology and interconnect a little please.

Thanks Steve

New Member

Re: WVC2300 playback issues

Not a problem..

Using Linksys One Survellance Utility on a server. The server runs the recorder application and stores its data to a local internal HDD dedicated to that purpose.

Re: WVC2300 playback issues

The LS1 Surveillance Utility is very old, but it did allow a preference setting to define how much disk space to allocate for storage and what to do when it filled.

Check those settings.   But this would be for the surveillance utility running on that PC.

Are you attempting to read the sef raw files using another instance of the SW running on a remote PC???

That would probably  require alot of hacking (and then I am note sure the surveillance utility running on the remote PC would even recognize them) so probably not a supported scenario.

Remember, the camera does have a very small flash in which it stores recent video saves, but this is not alot, hence why we recommend the full blown PC running SWVMS16 to go with them....

Since these cameras allow multiple watchers, you could monitor remotely all the cameras from a single PC (16 cameras or less) from one SWVMS16, or several SWVMS16s watching the same camera, and then you dont have any more headaches.  I recommend a VPN IPsec network to interconnect the sites, but could also be accomplished with port forwarding over the internet and user authentication and IP Address filtering.  Bandwidth requirements at the SWVMS16 will have to be carefully considered as well.

You should upgrade to the Cisco Small Business SWVMS16.  Its free but will require and upgrade of FW on your PVC2300 and WVC2300 to 1.0.1.  The WVC210 and PVC300 will work out of the box.  The WVC200 is no longer supported on it.

In this SWVMS16 you can define how long to keep video as well.

New Member

Re: WVC2300 playback issues

Single instance of  Survellance issue being directly run from the server, we remote desktop in or use directly when we want access.  the problem is that the single instance of Survellance utility we have can't readsome of the sef files store on the same server..  If it was a space issue, surely the sef files would be missing for the period we're interested in, rather than unreadable?

No remote PC's involved at all.   One server hosting the utility and this is where the video data is stored on a dedicated builtin RAID 5 drive, no space limitation in the camera setup currently as the RAID5 container is multi-terrabyte and not in danger of filling up in the foreseeable. All cameras on the same physical LAN as the server running the utility. No Vpn or IPsec neccessary as the traffic isn't leaving our local network, thus bandwidth isn't a problem either.

If we upgrade to SWVMS16 as you suggest, will we still be able to read any historic footage created with the surveyallance utility we haven't already converted to avi ?

Will the new software help us with the existing video data we can't read ? or is this more in the line of preventing repeat occurances.

Re: WVC2300 playback issues


OK, Understood better.

Recommending SWVMS to get you on the newest SW for supportablity only.  But this is a decision you need to make after reading the data sheets and operations guides yourself.

It will not read older files, no.  New utility (still free), new format (.dat files) that you can convert to AVI on demand.

So if I remember correctly, the LS1 utility had the playback mode where you drag the mouse over the interesting video to then convert it.  I think it also allowed you to specify from time and to time, and you are saying that there are some blocks of time that show up on the playback utility, but just cant be converted, right?

So you can watch it on the utility, but cant convert it?

In that case, I am not sure what happened to those files, but I can tell you I never saw this on LS1 utility or the new SWVMS16.

I once saw the older LS1 utility have so many files stored that it wouldnt read any of them into playback mode, and to solve that I created the same camera with a different name, creating a new directory for sef files to move forward.  But I am not aware of limits.  I had months of data in my case.

New Member

Re: WVC2300 playback issues

OK, we've installed SWVMS16.  Seems to be communicating with the camera as adjustments to resolution etc we do via the console do work (as we can see the results in the camera's web page).. The big problem we have is that we have no live feed from the camera in the SWVMS16, all the live feeds and previews are black, The recording system does appear to be working, just no image on the playback, just black screen

Re: WVC2300 playback issues

When you select playback scrren, there is a menu (drawer) in the left that says Open Recording.  This takes you to a place where you must first select the video.  Then it loads into playback.


New Member

Re: WVC2300 playback issues

thanks, that what we've already done, not the problem though..

We can select the appropriate recordings and these playback, however, during playback, the time counter runs but the screen is totally black.

We weren't having problems getting to the recordings. the problem is that both the recordings and live feed via the SWVMS16 software are totally black, although we do have a picture through the camera web interface, so the camera itself is obviously working.

It seems like although the SWVMS16 software is able to talk to the camera and make resolution changes etc, it isn't getting any video feed at all from the camera.   Please advise.

Re: WVC2300 playback issues

We dont see this at all (blank screens).  And this is happening at the local PC running SWVMS16, correct?  Not as viewed from the remote station.

I would try adjusting resolution of the PC screen and also adjust the resolution in the SWVMS16 (I would probably leave SWVMS16 on auto-fit).

Then I would make sure the authorization is correct as shown below (all checked for admin user).

After that I would suspect the PC or SW on the PC, but couldnt say which.  Have you tried another PC?  The data sheet does show supported OS.


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