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48-Port 1Gb PoE ESW Switch?

I was looking at the ESW switches and noticed there is no 48-Port, Gig, PoE model.

The closests I found was 48-Port, Gig model (ESW-540-48-K9), no PoE.

I was wondering if there are any plans to make such a model.

It would probaly be: ESW-540-48P-K9

Cisco Employee

Re: 48-Port 1Gb PoE ESW Switch?

We do not currently have a 48G POE switch committed as part of ESW. We do have an existing shipping product as an alternative option - SGE2010P - which is 48-port Gig with POE and supports advanced features such as Stacking, L3, IPv6, and advanced security capabilities like IP Source Guard, Dynamic ARP Inspection, Spanning Tree Root Guard, etc.


New Member

Re: 48-Port 1Gb PoE ESW Switch?

I saw the SGE, I was just wondering if there was ever going to be such a thing.

I am told the ESW's are a step up from the SGE series.

A product suggestion maybe?

Cisco Employee

Re: 48-Port 1Gb PoE ESW Switch?

It depends on what you're looking for. ESW is designed and optimized for a solution deployment, where a mixture of UC500, SA500, AP541, etc products are being deployed. In this context they all work better together allowing for discovery, management, and simplified deployment of these products as a unit. The switch supports CDP and Smartports and integrates into the CCA network management tools.One other piece - ESW comes with next business day replacement (in select markets) as part of the warranty. Some customers value this as a "step up".

The SFE/SGE switches by contrast do not have this solution "glue", but instead has support for other advanced capabilities not present in ESW. For example, it delivers support for Stacking, IPv6, MVR, Static L3, etc. It is also lower in price.Some customers may value this as a "step up".

Cisco has the broadest portfolio to address the needs of very diverse customer base.

We will take your suggestion of adding 48 Gig POE into the ESW product line as a potential product enhancement and discuss internally, so I appreciate your feedback.

New Member

Re: 48-Port 1Gb PoE ESW Switch?

Thank you for taking my product suggestion.

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