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Access the CLI on 300 and 500 Switches via PuTTY using SSH and Telnet

Access the CLI on 300 and 500 Switches via PuTTY using SSH and Telnet. Please see attached Knowledge Base Article #4982

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New Member

We are trying to automate backups for these switches using putty with an inputfile

Something like this:

copy running-config tftp://{IP address TFTP server}/switch01-runningconfig.txt

Unfortunately we cannot automate this as there a two prompts for a user as also seen in the PDF.

Why is the switch asking twice for a username and what can be done to automatically take backups with Putty?

When TelNet login is used the username is only asked once. Unfortunately Putty does not support input files with Telnet.

Any advice on this topic is more than welcome.


Hi Remko,

Automatic login was added with the latest release. You may take a look at page 506:

I guess you got it working as per Jody advise:




New Member

Yes, I got it working. Still one small hurlde to overcome.

With Putty you can have an input file with your commands. For some reason I cannot get this to work yet.

Without the input file I can log-on successfully to the switch but as soon as I add the input file with the command mentioned above I get a "Server sent disconnect message"

Not sure yet what is causing this.