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Anyone have a backup copy of SRW2024p Boot file?


Does anyone have a SRW2024P. If so can you make a backup copy of the boot.bix file and attach it. I have messed up and afraid to reboot the switch. Please help.

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Re: Anyone have a backup copy of SRW2024p Boot file?

Hi David,

I do not have a SRW2024P, but only the 8 port version, the SRW2008P, can't really understand why you are playing with boot.bix.  To be blatently honest, i didn't even know there was a  file on the switches called boot.bix.

I would suggest that you should check first with the Small Business Support Center (SBSC ) at the following URL and let them pose the question to a product engineer.

I have never even noticed a boot.bix file on my SRW2008P, but I tried something.  I uploaded from my SRW2008P, the file boot.bix via TFTP to my PC.  I then downloaded the SRW2008P release file, ls_srw2008-104.ros from the Cisco website to my PC as well.

I looked at the properties of these two files and noticed that they are the same size.

I then opened the files with wordpad out of curiosity and the contents, I admit without running a file comparisons,  look  identical.

I  may be wrong, but looking at the file properties below, i have a sneaky suspicion that the release file and boot.bix may be one in the same.

But, you have a URL to be able to speak to the guys at the SBSC and get advice.

If you action my information, you  may brick your switch..:(


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Re: Anyone have a backup copy of SRW2024p Boot file?

The boot.bix is the code for the boot loader, kind of like the "BIOS" of the switch. Occassionally there were updates of the boot loader code. Since the migration of the support pages from Linksys to Cisco they have removed boot code files. Only the latest firmware is available.

I have a SRW2008 and it should have the same boot loader as your SRW2008P. I don't know how you have downloaded the boot code from your switch but if I do it on my SRW2008 I get a very different file from the firmware image file. You should check that.

-rw------- 1 nobody nogroup  524304 Oct 12 11:11 boot.bix
-rw------- 1 nobody nogroup 3378139 Oct 12 11:12 image

Let's hope the SBCS can provide the file.

Re: Anyone have a backup copy of SRW2024p Boot file?

Hi Gerald,

This community site requires input from the wider community and not just responses from cisco folks.  Your post proves that.

I like your answer, never did like my answer.  I selected TFTP upload of the boot file on my SRW2008P. But the best answer for this individual is really to get in contact with the Small Business Support Center and let the professionals at Small Business Support Center manage the customers issue.

Again, I really appreciate your effort in following up with this issue  :)

regards Dave

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Re: Anyone have a backup copy of SRW2024p Boot file?


Did you ever manage to get hold of a copy of the SRW2024P boot code file (I think the file is called runtop_boot-101.rfb) ?

I have upgraded my firmware this evening to to 1.2.9, and in the process also managed to mess up the Boot Version so it is now rather oddly showing a version number of 45.77.73 with a date of 0 0 2000. At the moment the unit is still working, but I don't want to reboot it in case it doesn't come back to life, so I really need to track down the correct boot code file so I can reload it before rebooting.



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Re: Anyone have a backup copy of SRW2024p Boot file?

Hello Damian,

That was the same problem that I had. If the switch does get rebooted you will lose fuctionality. I was not able to get a hold of the boot code but I was able to RMA the switch. I did a backup of all the firmware that was on the switch before I did anything else and I attached my copy of the new boot.bix. Hopefully that will solve your problem.


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Re: Anyone have a backup copy of SRW2024p Boot file?


Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately the switch didn't want to install the file (either as is or renamed to runtop_boot-101.rfb). It uploaded it to the switch from the TFTP server and then it just sat there without doing anything (for several minutes) until I intervened returning to the Setup Summary screen.

I risked rebooting the unit after triying to install the file, and it came back fine - so even though the Boot Version and date look odd, the switch appears to be behaving as expected. Perhaps I will leave well alone...

Unfortunately as the unit is well over a year old I don't have the option of RMAing it.

Thanks again for your assistance.


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