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Are the ACLs stateful?

If I create an ACL on VLAN1 that allows traffic to destination IP:PORT on VLAN 2, will I be able to open a TCP connection to it? Will returning packets from the destination IP:PORT automatically be allowed back into VLAN1?


Hi Kurian, on small business

Hi Kurian, on small business switch, the ACL applies as ingress only. So if you have an ACL applied to VLAN 1 that is permit to VLAN 2 there will not be any drop traffic.


I see what is your point that the traffic return from VLAN 2 back in to VLAN 1 therefore should be dropped, that is not the case - otherwise it would make the ACL nearly impossible to use with any efficiencies.

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
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But I will also have

This is true if I only have ACLs on VLAN 1, but I will also have different ACLs on VLAN 2. Then ingress filtering will be applied on VLAN 2 and the response packets from VLAN 1 connections will not be allowed back unless I create matching rules on VLAN 2 right?

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