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Availability (stability)

Hi.  I administer a small business network with the following characteristics:

   -) Cat 5e and 6 cabling

   -) File server (heavy use)

   -) Database server

   -) 20 users (personal computers), some with gigabit requirements

   -) 7 IP video cameras (some with PoE)

   -) 2 network printers

   -) A few other devices connected to the network (UPS, DSL modem, etc.)

This network was setup with high availabilty in mind, and used to depend on 3 Catalyst 29xx and 1 Catalyst 3500 switch.  Never had a single problem with these devices except that autonegotiation did not work with the IP cameras.

At some point some people (wanting to sell more than service) replaced the Catalys switches with a 48 port Baseline Plus.  After this change, problems have become way too common, and they always have to do with this switch becoming unstable to the point that sometimes a hard reboot is the only solution.

So I am proposing to replace this switch, and looking around found myself with the Small Business (SFE and SGE), Small Business Pro (ESW), and the Catalyst 2960 series.  I must add that in the past I installed some Linksys products and were not so reliable (unstable).

My usage of the management facilities is mostly focused in port configuration, monitoring, and mirroing, and of course the logs.

After reading the literature (specs and admin guides), I would like to ask your advice on how stable are each of those lines of products?  I want to determine if either of the SGE or ESW is going to be solid enough, considering that the management and redundancy characteristics seem good enough for my purposes.

Do you have the power comsumption numbers for the SGE-2010 model?

Thanks a lot.


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