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Bussy SRW2048


I have SRW2048 worked for a week. Yesterday it starts to drop packets and giving long pings.

There are problems to connect to web GUI as well. Ones it answered and switch showed 100% CPU utilisation.

After disconnecting every cable exept same problem.

After reseting to default setings in Console and rebooting same situation - Minimum ping 4ms, Maximum 4345ms, Average ping 656ms.

Firmware 1.2.2d

Is there something to do or only way is just send it back to CISCO as functionally defective product?

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Re: Bussy SRW2048

I would suggest that you call our Cisco Small Business Support Center (1-866-606-1866) and open up a case so that

we can troubleshoot with you your problem. We will need the serial number of the device to check entitlement.


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Re: Bussy SRW2048

i have the same problem from yesterday ! Disconnect every cable and reconnect but the problem persists !The web UI don't download the interface for managment..

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Re: Bussy SRW2048

I would definitely call the Support Center (1-866-606-1866) and open up a case so that we can troubleshoot

with you to determine if the switch has a hardware problem.


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Re: Bussy SRW2048

Hello @all & sorry for my bad English !

We have exactly the SAME Problem.

We have 2(!) SRW2048 that are extremly slowly in the Response time (PING) av. 1200 - 3500ms !!

And we have to restart every Week the Switches because the traffic come very slow after a while (3-4 Days)

I Called Cisco Support and the Answer was : Send The Switches back for a Change !

COOL Mister Cisco Support ! and what we do in these time without switches ???

Seems to be a Problem with the SRW2048 Series ....

Any Idea ??

Our Actions was: Reset, Factory Reset, Work with Factory Standart, FW Upgrade to 1.2.2d... nothing Helps !


Re: Bussy SRW2048

Based on what your describing, it sounds like a loop is not detected in your network and spanning tree is not running.  The reason i say this, if there is a broadcast storm it will deplete your bandwidth over a period of a day or a couple of days making everything go to a crawl.  When you say you reboot the switches and everything works, it is clearing out the mac tables and starting over.  I would look into your network for any duplicate cables setup between switches and verify that spanning tree is enabled.  If that is the case, i would look for possibly a squeeling nic or something on the network that is wrecking havoc.  Hope this helps, just my thoughts.

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