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Can't access Console on SRW2024P

I have several of these SRW2024p switches and I can't connect to the console port.
I need to identify the ip address of some of these switches and I can't find them on a scan thus the need to log in locally.

I've got one that I know the ip address of, I can hit the web management interface and login do what ever I want, there are no settings that I can find for the console port.  The address of this switch is, however, when I use putty and connect serially to the switch I get:

login as:

I type admin and press enter
it comes back with admin@ password (not

this swtich has no password it's just admin, but I've tried admin, admin - password, all the defaults I could find online no matter what I can't login to the console port.

I have another in my rack that is same way, I have a password on that one, can access web interface but no joy on the console.  I even added another user and password can't login 

anyone have any suggestions?





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