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Can't Console into ESW-520-24P Switch, Need help.


We have 3 ESW-520-24P series switches.

I can not console them because by default they have a security profile attached into it for "Console Only" and It is set as "Deny".

I can't modify or delete it because it's a default security policy.

We can do console into ESW-540-24P series switches without any problems.

Can someone share any solutions to gain console access for these switches?

Any one from Cisco TAC support?

Thanks in advance.



Re: Can't Console into ESW-520-24P Switch, Need help.

I am kind of confused by the questioning.  By default with these switches, you can access the console and administer the switch/ set ip address etc.  The Deny console you are speaking of, is this a restriction that has been placed on the device and now you cannot get into the device via console?

New Member

Re: Can't Console into ESW-520-24P Switch, Need help.

Hi Devicarr,

Thanks for your reply.

I can set the VLAN and Management IP address using the web interfaces.

But when I am trying to connect it via console it is not responding. I reset it to factory default and then found from the web control panel/interface that the switch has an "Access Authentication" under that it has a "Access Profile" and the profile has a default or built in profile attached says "Console Only" and it has a rule like "IP Source = Permit = Deny".

I tried to delete or modify it even I tried to add a new rule to allow the console access but failed.

Does this switch series "ESW-520-24P" by default Console disabled when manufactured or ELSE? Please provide me your valuable suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


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