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Cannot get SG300 switch to send RADIUS messages for 802.1x

I  want to eventually configure the SG300 to authenticate wired clients with 802.1x and Microsoft NPS (RADIUS). I am currently testing this setup using a single port (Port 7) on my SG300, a test machine, and an AD based Network Policy Server.

The problem I have is that when I change the Administrative Port Control for Port 7 to Force Authorized, I see this log entry:

Informational %SEC-I-PORTAUTHORIZED: Port gi7 is Authorized

And then when I change the port control to Auto the port immediately changes to Unauthorized and I see this log entry:

Warning %SEC-W-PORTUNAUTHORIZED: Port gi7 is unAuthorized

However I never see any RADIUS messages being sent from the SG300 to my RADIUS server or from the SG300 to the test machine plugged into port 7. I am using WireShark on my RADIUS server to watch for messages from the SG300 IP Address and I'm using WireShark on a second test machine that is configured to monitor the NIC card in the test machine plugged into port 7 (I'm using Hyper-V and its facilities for this NIC monitoring setup.)

Here is my configuration:

  • Switch -

  • RADIUS (Microsoft NPS)-

  • Switch Usage Type - All (Login and 802.1x)


Port 7 configuration:

  • VLAN Mode is General

  • Host Authentication is Single Host Authentication

  • Administrative Port Control is Auto

  • RADIUS VLAN Assignment is Disabled

  • Guest VLAN is Enabled

  • 802.1x Based Authentication is Enabled


Additional Configurations under Security - 802.1x/MAC/Web Authentication:

  • Port Based Authentication is Enabled

  • Authentication Method is RADIUS

  • Guest VLAN is Enabled

  • Guest VLAN ID is 2

  • All of my VLANs are enabled for Authentication


I've got to be missing something but I do not know what that something is.


One last note:

The SG300 uses the same RADIUS server for management console access and it works without problem. When I log into the switch, WireShark shows the RADIUS messages from the switch to the RADIUS server and back. So I know RADIUS is configured correctly on the switch.


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Cisco Employee

Hi,This is my working


This is my working configuration where port gi3 has DVA configured as well. You might skip port gi3 but please compare to your config:

interface  gi3
dot1x host-mode multi-sessions
vlan database
vlan 30,100
interface vlan 100
dot1x guest-vlan
dot1x system-auth-control
interface range gi1,gi3
dot1x reauthentication
interface range gi1,gi3
dot1x mac-authentication mac-only
interface  gi3
dot1x radius-attributes vlan
interface range gi1,gi3
dot1x guest-vlan enable
interface gigabitethernet1
dot1x port-control auto
interface gigabitethernet3
dot1x port-control auto
radius-server host priority 1
radius-server key testing123
aaa authentication dot1x default radius





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