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Choosing Small Business Switches for Hotel

Hi, I'm working in one hotel and they're having trouble with the network. Switches on the floors they use are primarily from other small brands - TP-Link, Repotec and other brand. There are no VLAN's, so there is no separation between personenels and guest rooms'traffic. The speed we have from ISP is 50Mbps, but for the guest room I don't think this is going to be such a matter. I want to ask you what switches should I buy from 200 smart series? I'm looking towards Gigabit ones, I'm sure FastEthernet will be enough, but I think they will soon stop producing them so they're won't be a support and guarantee.

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Choosing Small Business Switches for Hotel

Hi Stefan,

Unfortunatelty you dont say what kind of problem the Hotel is experiencing with its network.

Important information would also be how many concurrent users we are talking about as well

as how many ports you require amongst some other important information like PoE and what

kind of traffic there that needs considering. By that I mean not only data but maybe voice, video too.

May I therefor suggest you contact the helpdesk directly so we can try to assist you further

and helping you to chose the right product.



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