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Cisco ESW500 series support LLDP ?

I'm using cisco ESW 540 24p for SIP hosted solution. Aastra phones +PC are hanging off a single port in ESW 540. The switch doesn't recognize the aastra phone and it places the phone in vlan1 whereas a cisco IP phone is automatically placed in vlan 100  by the switch through CDP. Does cisco ESW500 series  support LLDP?  other vendors support LLDP and that is how we instruct the switch that device connected is an IP phone, therefore it can place the phone in the appropriate VLAN.   Letme know if it’s possible with ESW 540 or suggest us me of any workaround to implement this.




Re: Cisco ESW500 series support LLDP ?

I do not see lldp as an option.  Are you able to hard code the voice vlan on the phones?

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Re: Cisco ESW500 series support LLDP ?

We can, but it's not scalable. Vendor doesnt support hard coding VLANs. Any other suggestions? Thanks.


Re: Cisco ESW500 series support LLDP ?

Do you have a computer plugged into the back of the phone?  I assume so ... but figured I would ask.  If not, then simply placing the port into the correct vlan is all that is needed.

Any chance you would consider our SPA500 series phones instead?  As these phones support CDP for vlan and poe assignments.  Humm ... I know this is not exactly the answer you are looking for, but with the ESW series switches, we are a bit limited.

If the computers plug into the phones, can you have the computers and phones on the same vlans?  The default QoS config settings given more preference to higher DSCP values.



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Re: Cisco ESW500 series support LLDP ?


I'm in a similar situation! The computers do plug into the phones... I am willing to leave them on a single VLAN, but my question is, to which Smart Port should I set the switch ports?

Thanks in advance,


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