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Cisco SG 300-10

I need an IPv4 for each VLAN, but ich can't set up them. In the german manual is written that the switch must be in Layer 3 Mode. But nowhere is wirtten how ti switch between layer 2 and layer 3 mode. So, how can I change the mode?

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Re: Cisco SG 300-10

Hi Stefan,

There's about three ways of performing the function you want to achieve. I cannot read german,or smart enough to learn another languague,  but in the English admin guide there is a reference to changing the mode in chapter 21.

I am at least grateful I can try to answer your question in english , but my references are the English Admin guide. sorry

But, lets get you up and running.

method 1.  Check out the section on mode changing in the English  admin guide Chapter 21 page 410.

method 2.  Via the console , (following step 3 and 4 below)

method 3.  Via the GUI to enable telnet and then telnet to the switch.

I will demonstrate this third method.

Step 1.  first check you are using the most current firmware.  If needed, check the admin guide for the procedure and perform a firmware upgrade.

Step 2.   Enable the telnet service and apply

Step 3.  Telnet or console into the switch and type "menu" after you login.

( Or if you see the menu when you login I guess you didn't upgrade the switch.) 

Step 4.  Put the machine in Layer 3 mode  and save.  this will reboot the switch to factory defaults.

After the machine reboots, you will be able to add IP interfaces to the different VLANs.  hope this helps

regards Dave

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Cisco SG 300-10

Thnak you, that works

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