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Cisco Sg200-26P

Hi all,

I have recently received a SG200-26P poe switch to potentially upgrade the office switch.

So on first boot - it went through its post, got a solid green light.

I then connected my PC to the first port to try and configure it via the web interface.

First I read up the default IP address from the documentation is

I set my IPV4 NIC settings to

and the subnet mask to

I tried to connect to

but all I get is a site cannot connect error message.

I have tried to ping the address I usually get a response of the destination is uneachable, even though my ethernet status knows its a 1gbps connection.

I checked the network connection details and the default gateway is empty

Failing that I left my ethernet properties on the NIC to obtain the address automatically -

when I do an IPconfig I get

I know Im probably doing something wrong, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

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Cisco Sg200-26P

I am no expert, but If the SG200 is like the SG300 then a solid green light, I beleive, means that the device has received an address from the DHCP server.  Try hooking in only your computer and the switch and don't hook up any other ethernet cables to the switch.  Then reset the switch to factory defaults by putting a paper clip into the reset switch hole and holding it down for about 30 seconds.  Then go back and put your address' into the nic like before and see if  you can get to the address.

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Cisco Sg200-26P

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the help. I managed to get it to reset after the 3rd try.

I got to the default IP address, but the GUI said processing data and got stuck at 70%.

I did leave it for a few mins, then tried to open again in other browsers etc.. Same result.

I know the switch is not faulty, so Im going to try again later.


Cisco Sg200-26P

Hi All,

I just want to clarify the procedure to factory default the switches. According to the Quick Start Guide:

• To restore the smart switch configuration to the factory default settings:

1. Disconnect the smart switch from the network or disable all DHCP servers on your network.

2. With the power on, press and hold the Reset button for more than 10 seconds.

Sometimes hodling the reset button for too long will only reboot the device. I recommend 12-15 seconds for factory reset. This should work consistently.

- Marty

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