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Cisco SG300 - IGMP and multiple switches

Hi all,

I have read through various Cisco documents and tried various configurations and i have been unsuccessful

Here is the network layout

Cisco SG300-10 in Layer 3 mode, managing all VLANS created and inter-vlan traffic is working fine

Ports 1-4 are in LAG 1 with LACP enabled, Ports 5-8 are in LAG 2 again with LACP enabled, port 9 is connected to the ASA 5505 (Trunk port, all VLANS) and port 10, again a trunk port I use for management

LAG 1 and 2 are connected to Cisco SG300-52 switches

again traffic between the switches is working ok, what we would like to do is the following

on VLAN 7, we have multiple devices streaming using UDP multicast, what we would like to do is allow PC's on VLAN 5 to be able to pick up these streams as and when they need to, the devices broadcast on their own unique UDP ranges

Could someone please explain to me what I need to configure on the Layer 3 switch and the other two Layer 2 switches in order for this to work?

If i put a port into VLAN 7 and can view the stream without a problem, also if there is any fine tuning to be done once this is working



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