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Cisco SG500 switch and 5 gbit links without stacking

Does the sfp ports link up to 5 gigabit when you don't use the stacking function?


Good question.  I can tell

Good question.  I can tell you that yesterday I was adding a switch to an existing stack via fiber and on the master switch I accidentally plugged into slot 3 or 4.  On the new switch I did the same and connected to port 3 or 4 and noticed that it came up as a trunk link and did not join the stack.  In my case I wanted it to join the stack and discovered that 1G Fiber stack is only supported in slots 1 and 2.  I have not idea if the trunk was 5G, but I think not because my fiber would only be 1G.  I think the 5G link uses copper SFP, no?

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Cisco Employee

Hi Guys,Just to make all

Hi Guys,

Just to make all clear:

1. SG500X in standalone mode the 1G/5G DA SFP ports are disabled

2. SF500/SG500 only 1G supported when used as network interface



That lines up with my

That lines up with my experience too.

Quick question while we're on the topic, Aleksandra? Can the copper stacking cable be used as a short-range 1Gb cable between non-stacked switches at this point or is it completely useless when the switches are configured in standalone mode? The last time I tried to use one this way, it didn't work at all, but I'm wondering if that may have changed since then.

Cisco Employee

Hi Jody,SFP-H10GCU1m, SFP

Hi Jody,

SFP-H10GCU1m, SFP-H10GCU3m, SFP-H10GCU5m are so called Passive Cables and do not allow network traffic. Can be only used for stacking.




Unfortunately, no. The copper

Unfortunately, no. The copper stacking cable only works at 5GB when the switches are in a stack. They don't work at all if the switches are configured as standalone.

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